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    • Thursday, May 19, 2022
    • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • ZOOM - Mountain Time

    What’s Next for Earth + Think Resilience

    A conversation with Richard Heinberg and Michele Guieu, and artists Rosalind Lowry and Eileen Wold

    Thursday, May 19

    United States: 10:00am PT, 11:00am MT, 12:00pm CT, 1:00pm ET

    EUROPE: 17:00 GMT  Australia: 4am AEDT, Thursday

    “Acting without this understanding is like putting a bandage on a life-threatening injury.” Richard Heinberg

    We live in a time of tremendous political, environmental, and economic upheaval. How can artists better understand and examine these interconnected crises, from pandemics and pollution to biodiversity loss and global warming? This conversation between Michele Guieu and Post Carbon Institute senior fellow, Richard Heinberg, will shed light on both the complex crises of our time and the role of the arts in addressing them. Artists Rosalind Lowry and Eileen Wold, will also share their work in response to the What's Next for Earth exhibitions, organized by Michele Guieu. 

    What’s Next for Earth (WNFE) is a participatory art project founded by Michele Guieu that engages artists in deeper exploration of this “human predicament” we find ourselves in. Through bimonthly open art calls and exhibitions that follow the Post Carbon Institute’s online short course, “Think Resilience,” WNFE asks artists to make works that respond to these crises and to envision a resilient future. What’s Next for Earth is supported by Stanford University's Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB). More than 120 artists from around the world are participating in the project, and new participants are always welcome!


    Richard Heinberg is a Senior Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute (PCI) and is regarded as one of the world’s foremost advocates for a shift away from our current reliance on fossil fuels. He is the author of fourteen books, including some of the seminal works on society’s current energy and environmental sustainability crisis, including Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival (New Society, 2021) and Our Renewable Future: Laying the Path for One Hundred Percent Clean Energy, co-authored with David Fridley (Island Press, 2016). Heinberg wrote and narrated PCI’s animated video, 300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds (winner of a YouTube’s DoGooder Video of the Year Award, 2011), which has been viewed by nearly two million people and translated into multiple languages. He is also the author and narrator of Post Carbon Institute’s 22-video Think Resilience online course, on which the What’s Next for Earth art project is based.

    Michele Guieu is a collapse-aware visual artist, art educator, and activist. Through ephemeral art installations in natural environments and public spaces, art projects with children, and ongoing involvement with sustainability organizations, she aims to bring awareness to the multiple man-made crises we face today. She's the Arts Coordinator at MAHB (Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere) where she invites eco-artists to write essays for the Arts Community page. Guieu created What's Next for Earth, an online exhibition project supported by the MAHB and the Post Carbon Institute, to reflect on the climate emergency and the human predicament and envision a desirable future. What's Next for Earth proposes monthly art calls based on the Think Resilience free online course by the Post Carbon Institute.

    Rosalind Lowry is an artist from Northern Ireland who works with a range of media to create site-specific land art, installations and sculpture. She has just completed a 2 year Artist in Residence project on the peatlands of County Tyrone for the UK Heritage Lottery and Lough Neagh Partnership, delivering a series of site-specific sculptures and installations on the peatlands. The main influences on her work are the historical human commodification of the land by man, the disappearing Irish landscape and its heritage and folklore, leading to ecological destruction and social conflict, and the presence and labour of women in the Irish landscape.


    Eileen Wold uses deep analytical research to understand the complexity of energy and earth systems. She has chartered planes over coal mines and toured power plants, and she works collaboratively with scientists and engineers to enrich her practice and inquiry. Wold co-founded the online artist journal, Black Bucket Essays and has taught graduate critical studies and university studio courses for over ten years.  Eileen Wold was born and raised in New York, received her MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and has exhibited and lectured nationally. She currently resides on Bainbridge Island, outside of Seattle. Currently, Wold is part of a two-year outdoor sculptural show at Unison Arts in New York, Owning Earth, that focuses on the politics and humanity of our relationship with the natural world.

    Members and one guest are free. Non-members are $10 per person. All participants MUST REGISTER.

    Header image: Elieen Wold (left) and Rosalind (right)

    • Sunday, May 22, 2022
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • ZOOM - Mountain Time

    Sustain(Ability) & the Art Studio: Presentations of Class Projects

    Sunday, May 22

    United States: 11:00am PT, 12:00pm MT, 1:00pm CT, 2:00pm ET

    EUROPE: 18:00 GMT

    ecoartspace members are invited to observe the final session of Sustain(ability) & the Art Studio, an online course held through ecoartspace in collaboration with artist-educator Anna Chapman and the Center for Art Education and Sustainability. Over the last three months, class participants have been engaging their environment and community through personal projects exploring natural art processes, environmentalism, and interpersonal healing, inspired by the course content and guest artists Michele Brody, Annette Nykiel, and Bebonkwe - Jude Norris. Join us for the final presentation of the rich and transformative explorations they have taken up in their practice.

    Anna Chapman is an artist and educator passionate about the intersection of art, education, ecology and healing. Believing that interdisciplinary approaches to education are necessary to meaning-making in the context of the Anthropocene, her work is inspired by post-colonial and indigenous perspectives, aiming to (re)evaluate our relationship to materiality, community, and environment in Western culture. She received a BFA in Painting at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012 and a Master of Arts in Art Education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2022. Anna currently teaches through the Center for Art Education and Sustainability, ecoartspace, and the Continuing Education department of the Cleveland Institute of Art and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.



    Participating Artists: Michel Gagnon, Jason Lindsey, Rebecca Youssef, Tracy Penn, Belinda Chlouber, Ava P. Christl, Kathryn Egnaczak, Candace Jensen, Bree Diaz, Riva Weinstein, Priscilla Stadler, Carole Milon, Katie Kalkstein.

    MEMBERS ONLY. All participants MUST REGISTER.

    • Thursday, May 26, 2022
    • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • ZOOM - Mountain Time
    • 89

    Tree Talk: Artists Speak For Trees

    Thursday, May 26

    United States: 10:00am PDT, 11:00am MDT, 12:00pm CDT, 1:00pm EDT

    Europe: 19:00 CEST Australia: 3:00am AEST, Friday, May 27

    Andrea Bersaglieri, Yan Cheng, Margaret LeJeune, Mia Mulvey

    The entanglements of a forest are vast, complex and mysterious. Today artists seek to understand and express the interconnectedness of trees with all living beings. Members included in the online exhibition and book Embodied Forest will share their diverse artworks and ideas about our human relationship with trees and forests.

    For our May 2022 Tree Talk, Andrea Bersaglieri will speak about her body of work that explores novel ecosystems and investigates the future survival of plant species as environments evolve. Yan Cheng will discuss his installations centered around performativity as a space for transdisciplinary biologies, technologies, evolution and chance happenings which become a metaphor for collective communication and interspecies coexistence. Margaret LeJeune will share her interdisciplinary and intersectional project which draws from environmental history, geography, and maritime navigation techniques in an effort to define our relationship to this rapidly changing landscape. Mia Mulvey will present her work exploring the recording of time, climate change and our relationship to remote landscapes through such forms as ancient trees, ice, and geology.

    Tree Talk is moderated by Sant Khalsa, ecofeminist artist and activist, whose work has focused on critical environmental and societal issues including forests and watersheds for four decades.
    Co-sponsored by Joshua Tree Center for Photographic Arts

    Members and one guest are free. General Public can attend for $10. Capacity is 100 participants. All participants MUST REGISTER.

    Gif Images: ©Andrea Bersaglieri, Front, 2021©Yan Cheng, Laboratorium: Anoplotrupes stercorosus, 2021©Margaret LeJeune, Two Trees Marigram, 2022©Mia Mulvey, Pando, 2018


    Andrea Bersaglieri's body of work explores novel ecosystems and investigates the questions: Which plants will thrive around us as the environment evolves? Which plants will out survive us? Do we have any control or even responsibility to dictate what grows on the plots beneath our feet? Will the plants that we now consider weeds become our new cultivars and crops? How does the dirt beneath us feed into and contain these dichotomies? Andrea Bersaglieri was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area and came to Southern California to attend California State University, Long Beach where she earned an MFA in Drawing and Painting in 1991. She has lived, worked, and studied in Florence and Rome, Italy and in Philadelphia. Andrea currently teaches Drawing and Painting at Cerritos College and CSU, Long Beach. andreabersaglieri.com

    Image: ©Andrea Bersaglieri, Front, 2021, Oil on Canvas, 8 x 12 feet

    Yan Cheng's work is situated at the intersection of art and science, with an interest in the relationship between humans and non-humans. He entangles social, natural, and cultural environments, approaching non-human life forms as actants instead of being a backdrop, and disrupting existing binaries which separate nature and culture. His installations centre around performativity as a space for transdisciplinary biologies, technologies, evolution and chance happenings which become a metaphor for collective communication and interspecies coexistence. Cheng has performed at Tate Modern, London, Einbuch.haus, Meinblau Projektraum, and Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. He is part of Zona Dynamic collective in Berlin. He exhibited at the Asian Art Show at NonBerlin. He was an Artist in Residence at La Wayaka Current, Sound Art Lab, Denmark, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, Residency Unlimited, The Wassiac Project and NARS Foundation in New York. Curatorial projects include Countdown Grabowsee, Berlin and Lesley Heller Workspace, New York. yangicheng.com

    Image: ©Yang Cheng, Laboratorium: Anoplotrupes stercorosus, 2021, Sound installation scarab beetles, forest terrariums, techno-scientific apparatus, 285cm x 185cm

    Margaret LeJeune's Thirteen Hours to Fall examines the climate crisis through investigations of contemporary and future littoral zones along the mid-Atlantic coast. These works ask viewers to bear witness to the complex history of a landscape altered by the timber industry, plantation farming practices, and climate change. This interdisciplinary and intersectional project draws from environmental history, geography, and maritime navigation techniques in an effort to define our relationship to this rapidly changing landscape. Margaret LeJeune is an image-maker, curator, and educator from Rochester, New York. Working predominantly with photographic-based mediums, LeJeune explores our precarious relationship to the natural world. LeJeune has been invited to create work at several residency programs which foster collaboration between the arts and sciences including the Global Nomadic Art Project, University of Notre Dame Research Center, Ives Lake Field Station, and Trout Lake Research Station. margaretlejeune.com

    Image: ©Margaret LeJeune, Two Trees Marigram, 2022, Digital collage, 20 x24 inches

    Mia Mulvey's work explores the recording of time, climate change and our relationship to remote landscapes through such forms as ancient trees, ice and geology. Through field research in locations such as Scandinavia, the Western U.S. and the Arctic Circle, she is interested in information bound in the land through layers and forms. In an effort to honor the "ground truth" of specific locations her process involves utilizing technology to sculpturally record and investigate the environment. Mia Mulvey received her M.F.A from Cranbrook Academy of Art and her B.F.A from Arizona State University. Her work has shown in numerous venues such as the Denver Art Museum, American Museum of Ceramic Art, ASU Ceramic Research Center and Goodwin Fine Art. She has received numerous grant and residencies at Kohler Arts in Industry, Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, The Arctic Circle and the Montello Foundation. miamulveystudio.com

    Image: ©Mia Mulvey, Pando, 2018, 3d printed porcelain, 13 x 60 x 22 inches

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