Each year ecoartspace presents a call for artists for an annual exhibition, juried by a guest curator. In 2020, when the platform was launched, founder Patricia Watts had already been invited to curate an exhibition in Santa Fe, Performative Ecologies. Despite the lock down, the exhibition was presented in person through the summer. That year we also invited Eleanor Heartney to select works that reflect an ecoconsciousness, presented online plus a printed book. And, in 2021, we invited Brazilian curator Lilian Fraiji to select works by our members internationally for Embodied Forest, also online plus a 264-page book. In 2022, we invited Sue Spaid to curate a large group exhibition of members in the New York region at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, our first in-person exhibition as a membership platform. and, in 2023, we collaborated with Stand 4 in Bay Ridge, New York to present Bay Ridge Through An Ecological Lens including works by over twenty ecoartspace members. Our annual online exhibition and printed book for 2023 was titled The New Geologic Epoch, juried by Mary Mattingly. In September and November of 2023, we will also held two pop-up exhibitions in Santa Fe, New Mexico, including: Some Kind of Nature juried by Dominique Mazeaud; and As Above, So Below, a photography exhibition juried by Toby Jurovics, Director of the Barry Lopez Center for Art & Environment. And, in November 2023 we worked with Laziza Rakhimova to organize a large group show titled Re-Connections at the UN ground floor gallery in New York City. In 2020, 2021 and 2022 we presented works by our members for billboards, primarily in New York, but also in Western Massachusetts and Slovenia.

Soils Turn, Upcoming 2025

Broadsides at The Crow's Nest, Baltimore, Upcoming Fall 2024

Where There is No Name For Art, 2024 (curated by Patricia Watts)

Dialoghi del Suolo, Italy May 2024

Transmissions, April 6, 2024 (reviewers Erika Blumenfeld and Krista Leigh Steinke)

Re-Connections: In Kinship With Nature, November 2023 - January 2024 (organized by Laziza Rakhimova)

As Above, So Below , November 2023 (juried by Toby Jurovics)

The New Geologic Epoch, Fall 2023 (juried by Mary Mattingly)

Some Kind of Nature, September 2023 (juried by Dominique Mazeaud)

Bay Ridge Through an Ecological Lens, April-May 2023 (curated by Jennifer McGregor)

Earthkeepers Handbook: Heal the Man, Heal the Land, February 2023 (reviewers Kim Abeles & WhiteFeather Hunter)

I AM WATER 2022, billboard exhibition in NYC, August-September 2022 (crowd sourced by members)

Fragile Rainbow: Traversing Habitats, May 2022 (curated by Sue Spaid)

Embodied Forest, Fall 2021 (juried by Lilian Fraiji)

I AM WATER 2021, billboard exhibition in NYC, June-July 2021 (curated by Patricia Watts and Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler)

ecoconsciousness, Fall 2020 (juried by Eleanor Heartney and included billboards)

Performative Ecologies, Summer 2020, Santa Fe (curated by Patricia Watts for 826 Currents)

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