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Saturday, April 6 from 11am to 8pm

at Canopy Austin, 916 Springdale Road

Austin, Texas

Transmissions is the thematic provocation for the 2024 ecoartspace annual exhibition to be presented in person as a day-long pop-up event in Austin, Texas, and as an online gallery + printed Zines. With the upcoming eclipse happening across the United States on Monday, April 8, and with Austin, a community-based energy innovator aligned in the path of totality, we will focus on artistic expressions illuminating conceptual and physical manifestations inspired by this powerful natural phenomenonincluding current dialogue around upfitting the energy grid and energy equity—a somatic point of departure not to occur again in the Northern Hemisphere until 2044. The pop-up will include an interactive play, a book signing, panel discussion, interactive installations, unique eclipse posters for sale, music, food, and drinks.

Carl Sagan, who was called “America’s most effective salesman of science” by Time magazine, spent much of his life translating technical scientific explanations into something easily digestible by the general public. Sagan argued for the necessity of planetary science and exploration of Earth’s closest neighbors, with the goal of giving perspective to humanity’s fate on planet Earth. If we are to survive, Sagan argued, we need to work together as a larger group of people from divergent ethic and cultural backgrounds, and that national boundaries are not evident when viewing Earth from space, for example. “The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena,” he stated.

As artists, how do we make visible these seemingly invisible connections with the cosmos, the sun, the moon? How do celestial bodies act upon human and nonhuman lifecycles? What are the relationships between humans and electromagnetic activity? How have Indigenous people reflected on or depicted energy fields through their contributions of traditional environmental knowledge. How can contemporary artists depict the meaning of particles and waves, radiation and rays, gravitational pull, frequencies of light, energy, motion, and time?

Works included in Transmissions will demonstrate the many ways energetic waves operate on the senses and support life here on planet Earth.

Full program schedule for the event and online gallery coming soon!

Online gallery, April 1 through 2024

Zines will be published Summer 2024

Check out the interview with Krista Leigh Steinke and Erika Blumenfeld on our blog posted 3/1! HERE

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