Seventeen percent of the U.S. population is now vaccinated, which is approximately 70% of the baby boomers. Yet, rumor has it we could be heading into a fourth wave. Overall the death rate from the pandemic has plunged, which is a huge relief. Though more disturbing are the recent hate crimes in Atlanta, Georgia and mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado. 

As member Tattfoo Tan pronounced in his work Heal the Man in Order to Heal the Land, we need a two-prong approach in addressing climate. Not only is the nonhuman world suffering at our hands, we as the human species have become mentally deranged. I'm hoping we will see more work by artists promoting consciousness and self-care this year. #derangementsyndrome

This month we will hold a single five hour Zoom event on Earth Day celebrating trees and forests. Forests in the United States provide us with fifty-five percent of our drinking water and forest bathing has been scientifically proven to significantly decrease anxiety, depression, anger, confusion and fatigue. In three parts we will present our monthly Tree Talk, a book group author Q&A, and an international dialogue on protecting forests. We hope you will join us for any or all of it. see below

Applications are rolling in for the Embodied Forest and I AM WATER juried shows. You have a little over a month to apply! 

Patricia Watts, founder

Image: ellie douglas with Moonbeam Gardebring, Interwoven: A Resting Place for Collective Grief, woven casket with Origami paper, Museum of Boulder, on view through August 1, 2021.

EARTH DAY for Trees

Thursday, April 22, 2021

11am-4pm MDT

1pm-6pm EDT/12pm-5pm CDT/10am-3pm PDT & 6pm-11pm GMT

This year's Earth Day event will focus on trees and forests, the thematic of the 2021 ecoartspace online juried exhibition + book titled Embodied Forest. There will be three separate programs including our monthly Tree Talk featuring special guest Katherine Ware, curator of the exhibition Breath Taking on view through this summer at the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe, including ecoartspace members: Sant Khalsa, Meridel Rubenstein, Marietta Patricia Leis, and Linda Alterwitz. There will be an interactive global exchange with Evgenia Emets, founder of Eternal Forest a tree legacy project including artists and researchers from Europe based out of Portugal. And, a Tree Talk book group Q&A with David George Haskell, author of The Songs of Trees: Stories from Nature’s Great Connectors. The grand finale will be a poetry reading by ecoartspace member Katy Gurin, restoration engineer and poet living amongst redwoods in Eureka, California.

There's one Zoom link for all three events. Come and go as you like. All events will be recorded. Look forward to spending the day with you talking trees!

This event is FREE, however, please make a donation if you can.

©Meridel Rubenstein (photograph above) at entrance to Breath Taking, New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe.



Embodied Forest

DEADLINE May 15, 2021

Embodied Forest is the title of the fall ecoartspace online exhibition + book that will launch September 1, 2021. Applicants whose work addresses our human relationship with trees and forests are encouraged to apply.

In the context of this exhibition, the term embodied can be understood as the act of giving a body to something intangible; to incarnate; to stand in the same place of; to become part of a collective body; to personify; or to empathize. The subject matter of your work for Embodied Forest will address the worlds of trees and forests including though not limited to companion species, microbes, root systems, mushrooms, birds, fungus, moss, lichen, mist/fog/water, insects, spiders, parasites, bacteria, etc.

You must be an ecoartspace member to apply




DEADLINE May 10, 2021

I AM WATER is a public art exhibition organized by Our Humanity Matters and ecoartspace in collaboration with SaveArtSpace. The exhibition will consist of a series of billboards sited in New York City that will address our relationship to water and our human understanding that we are water.

Water is the origin of life with the innate purpose to continue creation. In water, we see that everything is connected and interrelated. Everything is liquid before it becomes solid. Humans, who are mostly water, depend on it to protect our DNA and for our basic survival. Water is not a resource but an essential connection to life. The one-sidedness of modern consciousness and our disconnect from nature increasingly subjects water to pollution. If we do not change our behavior, we will run out of water.


featured ecoartspace artist

dana michele hemes

The world is a complex system made up of many, small interactions, which produce endless patterns and forms. Each moment is an event: an active, participatory state where all parts of a system affect and are affected. These parts are living and nonliving, human and nonhuman. I develop an art that locates itself within these events and works directly on their terms. It is an art of systems, evolving boundaries, scale shifting, stimuli conversions and multiple living and nonliving actors.


new in store

Speaking Of The Future by Jane Marsching gathers words from thinkers, artists, poets, philosophers, musicians, writers who have turned their imaginations towards what is possible. The book was created during her artist residency at Fruitlands Museum in 2020. 

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member exhibitions

Think About Water is a group exhibition including Diane Burko, Betsy Damon, Fredericka Foster, Susan Hoffman Fishman, Basia Irland, Ellen Kozak, Stacy Levy, Lauren Rosenthal McManus, Jaanika Peerna, Aviva Rahmani, Meridel Rubenstein, Adam Wolpert and more curated by Doug Fogelson. 360 online through June 21, 2021. (image above)

Choreography for an Unfamiliar Here group exhibition including Christopher Lin at Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. Through April 10, 2021.

Fragile Metamorphosis: Visualizing the Music of Paul Hindemith including three animated videos by Julia Oldham of a world on the edge of environmental collapse at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. 360 online through June 14, 2021.

Fragile Earth: Artists Respond to Climate Change group exhibition online including Pamela Ann Casper, Lori Horowitz, and Sandra Taggart, New York Artists Circle.

West Harlem Art Fund will feature an outdoor installation titled Garden Sentinels by Michele Brody on the grounds at Governor's Island. Opens April 24, 2021. 

Pulled Apart online exhibition featuring Cynthia Hooper and Gail Wight, Thacher Gallery, University of San Francisco. Through April 25, 2021.

Suzette Bousema at West End Projekt, The Hague. 360 online through May 9, 2021.

Desert X site-specific, contemporary art exhibition including Kim Stringfellow, Coachella Valley, California. Through May 16, 2021.

Love and Loss Across Species Lines: The Neuroscience of Attachment a group exhibition including Jan Harrison, The Fusion Gallery, Orlando Science Center, Florida. Through May 16, 2021.

Adequate Earth: Artists and Writers in Antarctica, online exhibition and virtual events including Kirsten Carlson and Helen Glazer. Through May 22, 2021.

The State We're In Water: Constructing a Sense of Place in the Hydrosphere an interdisciplinary project including Robin Lasser. Oklahoma State University, Museum of Art in Stillwater. Through May 29, 2021.

Breath Taking a group exhibition at the New Mexico Museum of Art including Sant Khalsa, Patricia Marietta Leis, Linda Alterwitz and Meridel Rubenstein, Santa Fe. Through September 5, 2021.

A Letter to the Future solo exhibition of large scale photography by Luciana Abait at Terminal 7 Gallery, Los Angeles International Airport, California. Through Summer 2021.

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member announcements

Enviro-Art Gallery 2021 a week long event with guest speakers including Ann Rosenthal, Judith Shelby Lang, Deanna Pindell, and Patricia Watts hosted by Duke University, North Carolina, April 5-10, 2021.

NY LASER presentation by Ellen K. Levy, Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEAF) Rendezvous Event, lectures on art, science, and technology, April 22, 2021 at 6pm EST.

Centerpoint Now 75th Anniversary of the United Nations (2020), online catalogue including interview with Bonnie Sherk, discussing A Living Library, pages 100-101.  

What is a Green New Deal? moderated by Chantal Bilodeau with Climate Change Theatre Action, March 24, 2021. recording

Creative and Sensory Innovation in Eco Material Art John M. Anderson Endowed Lecture by Linda Weintraub, School of Visual Arts, PennState, March 22, 2021. recording

Tales and Pictures from Antarctica: Diving under the Ice and Climbing Glaciers for Science Communication presentation and Q&A with Kirsten Carlson. Antarctic Artists & Writers Collective, March 18, 2021. recording

Recology AIR Connects: Recalled to Nature with Minoosh Zomorodina and Alicia Escott, March 2, 2021. recording

Textile Talk: Artists Interpret Climate Data with Linda Gass and Tali Weinberg presented by Surface Design Association, March 3, 2021. recording

Linda Alterwitz with Katherine Ware interview for the exhibition Breath Taking at the New Mexico Museum of Art, March 3, 2021. recording.

Form, Pattern, and Materiality: Antarctic Landscapes and Sculptural Practices presentations and panel discussion including Helen Glazer. Antarctic Artists & Writers Collective, March 4, 2021. recording

Sacred Sites: The Secret History of Southern California an Audio Theater launch with Susan Suntree, 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica. March 6, 2021. recording

Pulled Apart opening celebration with Cynthia Hooper and Gail Wight, University of San Francisco. March 1, 2021. recording

Art as Verb: Collaborating with Nature lecture by Stacy Levy for WEAD Art + Activism, Episode No. 3, February 28, 2021. recording

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