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Speaking Of The Future by Jane Marsching How do we imagine the future? What are the conditions that can support our most beautiful, most loving, most compassionate dreams? How can we weave tightly our connection with the earth, our analytical intelligence, our love for family and community, our desires, and even our darkness contained? This commonplace book gathers words that touch on all this from thinkers, artists, poets, philosophers, musicians, writers who have turned their imaginations towards what is possible with a beady eye on the challenges of the present. The book was created during an artist residency at the utopian community historical site, Fruitlands Museum, founded in 1843 by A. Bronson Alcott and located in Harvard, MA, about an hour west of Boston. Use this book to imagine, to dream, and to write with quotes and imagination prompts to inspire writings that capture our hopes and dreams about the future.

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