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Eternal Forest by Evgenia Emets

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Eternal Forest book, 2022 80 pages Eternal Forest book by Evgenia Emets is published as part of Eternal Forest exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History and Science in Lisbon. Eternal Forest book is 80-page catalogue and book, which documents three cycles of Eternal Forest project and the exhibition at MUHNAC Lisbon (Museu Nacional de Historia Natural e da Ciência). The book contains poetry, artworks from two cycles of Eternal forest 2018 and 2019, but also poetry, photographs of seeds and photographs of the installation at MUHNAC and performances held in the Botanical Garden in June 2022. Introductory text by Sofia Marçal in English and Portuguese, a two-way interview between Patricia Lea Watts (founder and curator of ecoartspace) and Evgenia Emets, and the text by Evgenia Emets initially written for Empty Square. The book also grants the reader access to Eternal Forest film online, and the audio guide to Council of Seeds performance in the Botanical Garden of Lisbon to be released in August 2022. The book is printed locally in Lisbon with a minimum carbon footprint for transport.

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