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Divining Chaos: The Autobiography of An Idea by Aviva Rahmani

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Divining Chaos is the Autobiography of an Idea by Aviva Rahmani with Foreword by Lucy Lippard Published by New Village Press, New York 352 pages with 13 color + 6 black/white illustrations In this sharply political memoir, Aviva Rahmani tells her story through the unique lens of her trigger point theory, linking the damage that has been done to the environment to her own experiences as a woman. She details the history that led to two seminal projects: Ghost Nets, restoring a coastal town dump to flourishing wetlands, and The Blued Trees Symphony, which applied a novel legal theory to challenge natural gas pipelines about land use. Divining Chaos reveals the intimate experiences that shaped Rahmani’s life work. Her discussion of trigger point theory argues that we can predict, confront, and determine outcomes to today’s ecological challenges. “Aviva Rahmani’s remarkable Divining Chaos is part bildungsroman, part eco-action guidebook, part pandemic diary, and part portrait of a turbulent time in American art and history. With searing honesty, Rahmani presents her complex multidisciplinary thinking as it has evolved through the twists and turns of a tumultuous life. This is the story of a life in art that is also a life in politics, science, and environmentalism. And, in our dark times, it is also a story of what we may still be able to do to save our planet.” —Eleanor Heartney, art critic and curator; author of Art & Today and Doomsday Dreams Member SPOTLIGHT here: https://ecoartspace.org/Blog/12683281

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