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Christy Rupp: Noisy Autumn

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Noisy Autumn Sculpture and Works on Paper by Christy Rupp Hardbound Publication Date: 11/16/2021 ISBN: 9781647224844 Pages: 96 Published by Insight Editions Christy Rupp emerged as an American artist and activist in Manhattan in the late 1970s, using commodified materials to construct three-dimensional, sculptural works imbued with a dynamic sense of life. Noisy Autumn contains her recent sculptures and works on paper anticipating the dawn of late capitalism, and the Anthropocene. Rupp is primarily concerned with humans’ perceptions of nature: where do the borders of the “natural” emerge? The work aims to deconstruct harsh divisions that separate humans from our environment, while addressing the intersection of geopolitics, culture, and economics, as they impact the vulnerabilities of ecosystems. Her sculptures and works on paper alike leave readers pondering human engagement with the natural world amid rampant consumption––and how they may take action. Christy Rupp is an American eco-artist and citizen scientist. She moved to the NYC in the late 70’s when it faced bankruptcy and offered fertile ground for a generation of artists lucky enough to participate in the petri dish of history, culture and nature that was late capitalist downtown. Originating from an interest in urban ecology and the waste stream, Rupp’s work taps into universal themes of climate change and justice. Rupp has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, Anonymous Was A Woman Foundation, Joan Mitchell Foundation (Creating a Living Legacy Award) and Art Matters Foundation. Her work has been visible in the US and internationally since 1979. She lives in New York.

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