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The Heartist's Secret: A Memoir by Dominique G.W. Mazeaud

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Arts/Spirituality/Memoir ISBN 978-1-7948-4218-2 www.earthheartist.net 253 pages Dominique Mazeaud is an artist whose ritual performances and installations are considered prayers. Her passion is the Earth, and her identity belongs to Spirit. The word heartist reflects the gift of listening to Nature. The term results from Mazeaud's quest for "the spiritual in art in our time," which she has sought to answer since 1979. Heartist is a word unifying life and art and suggests a way of being in these transformation times. This book presents answers to her question, which she explores for herself and in a way that discovers the deep connectivity of all things on Earth. Dominique Mazeaud was born in France and has lived in the United States since 1967. In 1987 she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she resides today.

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