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Catalogue and Exhibition Guide, Edited by Samuel Pelts The “Megazine” is the CODEX Foundation’s major publication for Extraction: Art on the Edge of the Abyss. Like the Extraction Project itself, this book is many different things at once. Partly a group catalog of extraction-related artwork, each artist or creator’s individual contribution documents their own personal investigations into the extraction question, addressing a specific issue or set of issues under the broader umbrella of the Extraction Project. The project is by no means limited to the visual arts—in these pages you will also find poetry, critical writings, philosophical treatises, manifestos, musical scores, conversations, historical or found photographs, and much more. The words and images collected here can thus be seen as discrete stories and aesthetic investigations that nonetheless make up part of a larger ongoing story in which we are all participants (the reader included). ecoartspace members included in Extraction exhibitions and programs (30): Alicia Escott, Barbara Boissevain, Basia Irland, Bill Gilbert, Bonnie Peterson, Christina Conklin, Eliza Evans, Erika Osborne, Hannah Chalew, Jane Ingram Allen, Jean Arnold, Joan Perlman, Judith Selby Lang, Kim Stringfellow, Linda Gass, Linda MacDonald, Margaret LeJeune, Mark Brest van Kempen, Maru Garcia, Mary Mattingly, Mary White, May Babcock, Meridel Rubenstein, Nikki Lindt, Pam Longobardi, Robin Dintiman, Stacy Levy, Stephanie Garon, Susan Hoffman Fishman, Tammy West

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