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Brick By Brick by Stevie Love

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This book by ecoartspace member Stevie Love is the story of how she and her husband built a modern adobe home for themselves, brick-by-brick, in the high desert north of Los Angeles, in Juniper Hills, California. 101 pages Hard bound Printed at Edition One, Richmond, CA 9 x 11 inches 1lb,13oz Published by the Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, California (2021) The story of how the Loves came to build their own adobe house on the gentle slopes of Juniper Hills northeast of Los Angeles chronicles the inspirations, research vectors, serendipities, and literal handmade brick by handmade brick raising of the buildings. In so many essential ways, they were committed in adhering to the fundamentals of traditional adobe--using materials gathered within walking distance, aligning structural orientations with the earth/sky axis, taking the seasons into account in their angles. In other creative ways they freely infused design language from Asian, Mayan, Hopi, and also modern European vernaculars. Essay excerpt from Shana Nys Dambrot

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