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Aviva Rahmani: 50 Years of Work

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Aviva Rahmani: 50 Years of Work 56 pages, self-published Digital PDF In 2019, Rahmani published “50 Years of Work” to introduce the entire span of her work and to succinctly present the thinking behind her practice. The consistent focus of the artist's content has been on understanding ecocide, genocide and how interdisciplinarity illuminates the relationship between the two. This book reveals the twenty questions that have driven Rahmani, starting with, Is interdisciplinarity a model for revolution? And ending with, Is art an effective complex adaptive model to predict change? Can trigger-point theory change environmental policies about fossil fuels by layering art, science, and law? Published before the pandemic, this assemblage from a lifetime of artmaking as research is the precursor to Rahmani's forthcoming book (June 2022) with New Village Press, titled “Divining Chaos; The Autobiography of an Idea,” distributed by New York University Press. Aviva Rahmani is an Affiliate with INSTAAR, University of Colorado at Boulder. She gained her PhD from the University of Plymouth, UK, her BFA and MFA from the California Institute of the Arts and a certificate in Geography from Lehman College. Her work is exhibited, published and funded internationally. Her project, The Blued Trees Symphony (2015- present), challenges the legality of fossil fuel infrastructures and has won numerous awards. Her work has received numerous grants and fellowships and is frequently included in international exhibitions and publications. avivarahmani.com

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