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The Stuff of Everyday Magic

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The Stuff of Everyday Magic is an adventure through the terrain of artist Madelaine Corbin's research, practice, and notes supporting over two years of portfolio pieces. This non-linear path traverses an incomplete history of blue to the imminent loss of this color in our greening seas and graying skies in order to offer the idea that the climate crisis is also a crisis of color. Corbin considers a constellation of questions about the seemingly simple elements of the everyday—from cornflower-spotted fields around, to the Detroit Salt Mine below, and the sun hovering beyond our blue sky above. Along this trail of vast ideas, artworks guide the way. Questions take root (and soil asks them) while the sun exhales, and values are composted while a version of hope is fertilized. Here, blue, salt, plants, soil, dust, wishes, and gifts compose the stuff of Corbin’s everyday magic. Details: Length: 264 pages Language: English Publication date: November 11, 2020 Dimensions: 6 x 9 x .75 inches © 2020 Madelaine Corbin

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