Urban Forest

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Urban Forest: Images of Trees in the Human Landscape Photographs and Preface by David Paul Bayles Published in 2003 by Sierra Club Books Hardcover, 51 Duotone and 30 Color images 144 page, 11.6 x 10.3 inches ISBN#1-57805-0696-0 For those of us who live in cities or suburbs, nature is often an invisible backdrop. In his ethereal and amusing book, Urban Forest: Images of Trees in the Human Landscape, photographer David Paul Bayles shows the different trees (and sometimes trunks and limbs) in our midst. Urban Forest offers a revealing look at society’s relationship with nature. This striking selection of photos, gathered over two decades, displays what Bayles calls ‘a tension between the organic and the geometric” and the various ways architecture and urban landscapes reflect the natural world. Urban Forest reminds us that remnant of wild nature persists all around us; Bayles’s images testify to nature’s fragility and resilience. davidpaulbayles.com

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