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Performative Ecologies opens in Santa Fe

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 7:47 PM | ecoartspace (Administrator)

The ecoartspace exhibition Performative Ecologies officially opened on Saturday, June 13 at CURRENTS 826 Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. You can view the show online here on the ecoartspace website under Exhibits in the Menu Bar, or CLICK HERE.

A virtual tour given by curator Patricia Watts took place on Friday evening June 12 at the gallery via on Instagram @ecoartspace. A recording of the tour can be viewed on Facebook HERE.

ecoartspace member Cindy Rinne recently emailed this poem after viewing the online version.

Climb, Tumble, Dance         

After “Performative Ecologies”         

Timeless sulfur smokes    

drifts over her strong antler    

as the horn shape repeats    

in tree branches    

that reach misty peaks    

behind this canyon dancer.   


When is the point of rising,    

her voice recovered    

from the burning?    


Body as landscape vibrates    

through muddy river sounds    

across countries, walls.    

She reads auras for seven    

years. Shaken turquoise    

stones as living books    

tumble in her hands    

touch edge.    


An offering, red-eared and    

sweet as she shares your hum,    

strum of wings. Who is really    

in a cage?   


She climbs a birch ladder    

chants to the breathing sea    

an ancient song and    

blends into swollen clouds.    

Then curves, sways    

as a blessing in the musty    

swamp. Ritual energy    

swirls long after she departs.    


© Cindy Rinne

ecoartspace, LLC

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