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Sustain(ability) & the Art Studio course with Anna Chapman - Fall 2024

Monday, July 08, 2024 7:15 PM | Anonymous

Online Course for Members

October 19, 2024 - January 4, 2025

DEADLINE to register  August 15, 2024

This is our fifth course designed exclusively for ecoartspace members that will prepare artists to develop ways of thinking about sustainability in their practice, both conceptually and physically. Participants will learn how to wildcraft art materials, a practice that requires one to deepen their relationship with land, creativity, and self. Artists will also be invited to think critically about their relationship to place, materiality and voice in a time of socio-ecological destabilization. Through lectures, discussions, creation, and sharing, implications of a bioregional perspectives alongside the function of art to inform will be considered, and what a grounded and meaningful art practice can entail today.

Course content includes: sustainability as a stand alone concept, the historical background and function of art, review of artists and concepts including practical strategies and resources, exposure to a range of natural art processes and mediums, circular systems, interbeing, establishing sustainable development needs and goals, developing alliances and an action plan to generate ones own project throughout the course.

All classes will be held on Saturdays. The first three sessions will be held October and November from 2-4pm EST, the fourth session in December with artists presentations, and the final session in January with roundtable discussions. Participants will create a project during the course.

This online course is taught by Anna Chapman with guest presenters (below).

 Course Schedule

I - Intro to Art and Sustainability - 2 - 4pm ET, Saturday, October 19th

- Sustainability as a standalone concept

- Historical background and the function of art

- The local and the global

- Sustainability: an issue of materials

- Circular systems

- Sustainable art in the city

- Sustainable art in under-resourced contexts

II - Art Processes and Sustainability - 2 - 4pm ET, Saturday, October 26th

- Visiting artist from ecoartspace (((TBD)))

- Painting processes: paints, inks, & watercolors

- Charcoal

- Natural dyes 

- Papermaking 

- Found & recycled materials

III - Objectives, Relationships and Alliances - 2 - 4pm ET, Saturday, November 2nd

- Visiting artist from ecoartspace (((Leah Mata Fragua, Northern Chumash)))

- Establishing needs

- Establishing our own SDGs 

- Interbeing 

- Local relationships and alliances

- Developing ideas around sustainability

- Action plan (students develop a project from a choice board)

VI - Progress Presentations- 2 - 5 pm ET, Saturday, December 7th

- Participants share the research and progress of their projects and receive feedback from class and instructor

V - Presentations - 2 - 5pm ET, Saturday, January 11th

- Participants present and debrief about their projects.

Anna Chapman is passionate about the intersection of art, education, ecology and healing. Believing that interdisciplinary approaches to art and education are necessary to meaning-making in the context of the Anthropocene, her work is inspired by post-colonial, post-human, early European, and indigenous perspectives. Through her practice, Anna aims to mobilize reconciliatory relationships to place, community, materiality, and voice, to awaken one’s innate capacity for care and creative life force. She received a BFA in Painting at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012, a Masters of Arts in Art Education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2022, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts at UMass Amherst. Anna currently teaches through the Center for Art Education and Sustainability, the Continuing Education department of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and at Umass Amherst. @owl_and_apple  annachapmaneducation.com

Cost is $375 per member, membership fee can be waved if needed, three scholarships are available at 50% off. Approximately 12 participants max.

Email info@ecoartspace.org to participate

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Mailing address: PO Box 5211 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502
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