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Dungog Listening Station by Jane Richens

Wednesday, June 05, 2024 8:32 AM | Anonymous

World Environment Day 2024 – Wed 5 June

Sound Works by Jane Richens

Thanks to all who took some time to tune into sounds of nature at the Dungog Listening Station. It was my listening action for Ecoartspace’s Australian Dialogues event ‘Place-based interventions in three time zones’ – one of 17 events across the country.

11, + Leon the dog, stopped by the Listening Station for an extended period of time – listening to and watching multiple audio and video works created in local forests. It led to many conversations about sound, nature, equipment, consequences of human interactions and how aware we are of human noise pollution. Particularly of interest were the two different passive acoustic recording devices – how they worked and what could be done with the recordings.

Read full report here

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