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Member Spotlight l Nathalia Favaro

Monday, April 10, 2023 11:16 AM | Anonymous


April 10,2023

This week we recognize  Nathalia Favaro Nathalia Favaro, and her twenty year arts practice based in      São Paulo, Brazil.

"This work [Intervalo, above] was developed during the Labverde Artistic Residency in the Amazon Rainforest in Manaus, Brazil, in 2018. In an attempt to experience a space in constant action and transformation, almost unidentifiable as the Amazon Rainforest, the work suggests, from the variation and intensity of light, the discovery of a place that we do not fully understand. In the Amazon Forest, as it is a closed forest, we hardly see the light coming in and consequently we do not perceive the nuances of shadows. The work is a video record of walking through the Adolfo Ducke Reserve, with a blank sheet of paper in my hands, trying to reveal the space in between things, a space that is light and shadow and only exists in this context, over a period of time."

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"Nathalia Favaro experiences some forms of the world through the gesture of creation, elaborating, through ceramics, an architecture of existing things articulated in space. It allows the reality of the object to manifest itself from another point of view, at the same time apprehending it from within. Her works highlight the look at what can often be imperceptible or unimportant, such as the dry branches of a tree." above

From satellite images of Google Earth digital platform, the proposal of this work, The Edge Effect, 2019 (above) is to cover 900 km of the BR - 319 highway, which connects Manaus to Porto Velho, in the Amazon Rainforest. Based on drawings generated in the territory due to the removal of the trees, the work looks for the remaining cuts in these spaces: the voids, the remains of parts, the parts of a whole, the fragments. In the context of the forest, “forest fragments” are areas of closed forest that remain intact in the middle of a plantation, a pasture or a deforested area. The trees at the ends of these fragments are exposed to weather, parasites and other biological and chemical factors, becoming less healthy and slowly dying. This process is called the "edge effect."

"The "Daily Life" series includes a series of works that I have done over the years. In each of them I try to record the duration of an experience in a certain period of time and space. The chosen materials refer directly to the daily use of the same and many times the work arises from it. With this series I record my walk through materialities." above

Nathalia Favaro (1981) is a brazilian artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. She graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from Mackenzie University, São Paulo and from Buenos Aires University, in Argentina. Her work moves between sculpture, drawing and video with themes related to the territory, the use and the transformation of the land. Among her exhibitions, the individual O Gesto e o Vazio (São Paulo, 2019) and the collectives: 16 VERBO (Galeria Vermelho, 2022), Abre Alas #16 (A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro, 2020)and La naturaleza de las cosas - Humboldt idas y venidas (Art Museum of the National University of Colombia, Bogotá, 2019). In 2017, she was an artist in residency at EKWC - European Ceramic Workcentre, in the Netherlands and in 2018 at Gaya Ceramics in Bali, Indonesia and Labverde, Brazil. At the moment she is in an artistic residency at B.L.O. Ateliers, in Berlin, Germany. www.nathaliafavaro.com

Featured Images (top to bottom): ©Nathalia Favaro, Intervalo, 2019, video (4:00 mins), included in Embodied Forest, 2021 online + book, ecoartspace; Untitled, 2017, porcelain and bronze glaze / porcelain and bronze glaze 100 pieces / 100 pieces for the exhibition O Gesto e o Vazio, curated by Elias Muradi, Ely Lutaka, Eduardo Ferrer e Luciana Nemes at Fundação Mokiti Okada, São Paulo, 2019; Edge Effects, 2019 45 ceramic pieces, iron cable and steel cable / 45 ceramic pieces, iron cable and bar 160 x 40 x 10cm, exhibition Massapê Projetos, 2021, curated by Julia Lima; Daily Series #4 Bali, 2018 ceramics/ceramics 31 pieces of 40 x 20cm each; The Horizon Is Within Us, 2019, Finland; portrait of the artist taken by Aline Vilhena Roca.

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