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Member Spotlight: Kristin Jones

Monday, December 27, 2021 9:00 AM | Callie Smith


December 27, 2021

This week we recognize the work of artist  Kristin Jones.

"As an artist I see potential in all things. I am compelled to create contemplative, ephemeral work aimed at magnifying our awareness of place and present. Through my work, I attempt to render the invisible visible, and to awaken a sense of wonder on both a grand and intimate scale. Collaboration is central to my practice, prompting a direct dialogue with the site, history, the context, elements, and creative partners. Above all, I am fascinated by the absolute impermanence of the world to which we belong: the fluidity of light, natural phenomena, and the continuum of time."

Four Seasons of Still Lives is a photographic body of work that explores the unseeable through medical imaging techniques. Featuring seasonal produce, flora, and other collected materials, the unlikely process of tomography makes the invisible visible. In most cases, these once familiar objects are abstracted beyond immediate recognition, resulting in a delicate, ghostly, and volumetric series of black and white images. Among the subjects pictured are a head of lettuce, a pompelmo, a durian, a pomegranate, a sweet potato, and the contents of a blue bird’s nest. Developed over the course of an ongoing residency hosted by Dr. Barry Berson at the New York Medical Imaging Lab, this series is a collaboration with radiology technician Elizabeth MacFarlane.

The Suminagashi works are a series of experiments made by floating ink on the surface of water. This ongoing exploration of the physics of intangible fluid media has it’s origins in a fascination with the passage of time, an attempt to record an instant before it passes and dissipates, never to occur again.

In choreographing elements such as the chemistry of different fluids and paper, the moisture in the environment and the movement of air, attempts to understand and control the media are challenging. The subtle movements in the liquid’s surface are thrillingly unpredictable, though anticipated. Time and again, it is a respect for, and collaboration with the materials and their interaction with natural phenomena that yield the most dynamic work.”

Ineffable was a delicate, temporary installation made from an assemblage of hardly perceptible white threads, radiating from the top of a tall tree, fanning out over the stone amphitheater within the mossy woods below. The rays of this tent-like structure, when viewed from a distance coalesced into a distinct geometric form equaling far more than the sum of its’ parts.

The piece was intended to sharpen our awareness of place and to augment our emotional relationship with light and the environment. The work was inspired by the exquisite amphitheater set into the wooded landscape, looking 270 degrees West at Mount Monadnock. The installation, made specifically for Medal Day at the MacDowell Colony during a 2014 residency there, was presented with Ora, di Terra, an atmospheric composition by Walter Branchi.

Kristin Jones maintains both studio and public practices, working collaboratively across disciplines to create site-specific, time-based projects that frame natural phenomena against the built environment. With a deep commitment to public projects and the belief that art is a powerful vehicle for urban renewal and environmental awareness, Jones has spent her career creating large-scale collaborative works for the public domain. Her installations, works on and paper and time-lapse photography have been exhibited internationally. Jones holds a BFA in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from the Yale School of Art and Architecture. She is the winner of three Fulbright Fellowships and is a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome. She is currently based in New York City. kristinandreajones.com

Featured Images: ©Kristin Jones, Four Seasons of Still Lives, 2018, archival prints on paper, 5" x 8.5"; Suminagashi, 2010-2017, sumi ink on Japanese paper, 10" diameter; Ineffable, 2014, elastic thread and hardware, 120' x 80'

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