more billboards going up!

We are preparing to launch another six I AM WATER billboards in Western Massachusetts and Eastern New York, where they've experienced abnormally dry conditions this summer. This makes a total of 18 billboards, including the 11 in New York City (most are still up) and another board that went up in Slovenia in August. see below

The New York Foundation for the Arts, Anonymous Was A Woman Environmental Art Grants were announced in August and it was revealed that I was one of three panelists who reviewed over 900 proposals. It was an intense and inspiring process in which we identified artists/projects, each receiving up to $20,000. I was thrilled to find almost sixty of our members applied, six of whom made it to the second review, and three of whom became finalists out of fourteen, including Kaitlin Bryson, Maru Garcia, and Mary Swander. Congratulations! more information here

For September, we will resume the members only Plastic Dialogues for another open session before closing the group to prepare for a video documentary. We will continue with the closed groups for the Soil and Water Dialogues. And, Tree Talk will resume with a series of guest speakers through the fall. see below

At the end of the month there will be an outdoor pop-up exhibition in Santa Fe at a private Poetry Yard. This will be a fundraiser event, presenting site works by six of our members based in New Mexico. see below

The Call for Artists Earthkeepers Handbook has been extended to September 15. Don't hold back! We want you to share your secret recipes for a better planet. see below

Plant your feet firmly into the soil as we transition into fall.

Patricia Watts, founder

Images Above: ©David Cass, Where Once the Waters, Rhea, 2020-2022, Typed letter on found paper, crop of a tall A4 format page, photos by Juan Cuartas Rueda.

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Tree Talk: Artists Speak For Trees

Thursday, September 22

United States: 10:00am PDT, 11:00am MDT, 12:00pm CDT, 1:00pm EDT

Europe: 19:00 CEST Australia: 3:00am AEST, Friday, May 27

Daegan Miller with Brent Mathison

This talk is being presented on the occasion of the launch of an online essay written by Daegan Miller for Emergence magazine, titled Of Wandering Angels and Lost Landmarks, in which the writer collaborates with photographer Brent Mathison to tell a story about the Thousand Mile Tree in Utah.

On a visit to the tree that marks the thousandth westward mile of the Transcontinental Railroad, Daegan Miller confronts the unraveling story of American progress, a mythos that has irrecoverably transformed the landscape. Troubled by our accelerating path toward ecological disaster, he considers how our historical landmarks have shifted in meaning—leaving us lonely, adrift, and disoriented in the Anthropocene." Read full article, here

We will end the session with a poetry reading by Alicia Vogl Saenz.

Tree Talk is moderated by Sant Khalsa, ecofeminist artist and activist, whose work has focused on critical environmental and societal issues including forests and watersheds for four decades.
Co-sponsored by Joshua Tree Center for Photographic Arts

Members and one guest are free. General Public can attend for $10. Capacity is 100 participants. All participants MUST REGISTER.


I AM WATER billboards

E.J. McAdams (New York), Lyn Horton (Massachusetts), Perri Howard (Washington), Renata Padovan (Brazil), Jane Szabo (California), Rebecca Riley (New York)

This month we are launching another six I AM WATER billboards in Western Mass and Eastern New York (above). This makes a total of 18 billboards for 2022. Together with the application fees for the call and individual artist's fundraising efforts we raised close to $10,000! ecoartspace and Our Humanity Matters is appreciative of the artists who rallied to raise the additional funding to make this happen. It takes a village.

Last month we installed eleven billboards in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York, most of which are still up. For more information and maps for NYC and MASS, go here.

Images Above: ©Lyn Horton, Water Journal 14, 2022, Digital photograph, 10 x 13 inches; ©Renata Padovan, The Dam That Killed the Forest, 2022, photograph; ©E.J. McAdams, DROUGHT, 2022, digital, 22 x 11 feet; ©Perri Howard, Lights Flight, 2022, mixed-media on panel, 30 x 48 inches; ©Rebecca Riley, Flood Atlas, Page 10, 2019, ink,watercolor and acrylic on paper map, 8 x 11 inches; ©Jane Szabo, March 2, Coal Creek, March, 2019, digital pigment print, 20 x 30 inches.

The Poetry Yard Pop-Up outdoor exhibition is generously sponsored by poet member Miriam Sagan. We will plan to do live feed on Instagram for those who would like to listen in and view the event from afar. Please consider making a donation and share with friends. Monies raised will go towards the printing of publications; reprinting Embodied Forest and the upcoming Earthkeepers Handbook. The site works will be available for viewing through the weekend by appointment. Email for more information, to make a reservation, and get directions at


This is the last push to reach 50 pre-orders by October 1. We're currently in the queue at a small batch printer in Oakland, and will have the second edition ready to mail by December 1. And, we still need 11 more orders!

The Earthkeepers Handbook: recipes and remedies for healing the land and ourselves


This fall, 2022, we will assemble an ecoartspace "Members Handbook" for healing the land and ourselves. Get your favorite recipes ready for making art materials, concoctions, spells, foods, and remedies. You can even submit a manifestoà la Mierle Ukeles, or directions on how to develop special skills. The objective is to share your knowledge and help make the world a better place.

Earthkeepers Handbook is inspired by the art as life guide Crafts, Cookery and Country Living, published in 1976, which was a handwritten homesteading book by Kim Abeles. Original pages (pictured above) were revived from Abeles' archives in 2010, to be included in the exhibition MAKE:CRAFT, curated by Patricia Watts, at the Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles.



featured ecoartspace artist


GLACIER XVIII is a multi-sensorial and immersive piece, in a physical and in an augmented reality space. It's a multidimensional circular night space that invites the spectator in the ritual space of the witch. Through this space the spectator is invited to visualise and hear the spirit of the glacier/s, to listen to its suffering from being put to death. Traditionally the witch creates a circle to establish connexions with immaterial and invisible words, during rituals and practices of witchcraft. In this project the archetype of the witch is central: the witch represents a strong invisible entity, rebellious, protective of natural entities, visible or not. She-the witch-carries earth in herself.


Eternal Forest book by Evgenia Emets was published as part of the Eternal Forest exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History and Science in Lisbon, June, 2022. The book documents three cycles of Eternal Forest project as well as poetry, photographs of seeds and photographs of the installation at MUHNAC, and performances held in the Botanical Garden. Included is introductory text by Sofia Marça, a two-way interview between Patricia Lea Watts and Evgenia Emets, and text by Emets. The book also grants the reader access to Eternal Forest film online, and the audio guide to Council of Seeds performance in the Botanical Garden of Lisbon. Printed in Lisbon.

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Janet Biggs: Imagination and Desire in a Northern Landscape and Ron Jue: 12 Hz are two traveling exhibitions of photography that illuminate concern for the natural world, organized by the Barry Lopez Foundation for Art & Environment, and available free-of-charge to museums and public venues throughout the U.S., 2023-2024. Above

Climate Change and the New Polar Aesthetics: Artists Reimagine the Arctic and Antarctic is a new book by Lisa E. Bloom, considers the way artists, filmmakers, and activists represent our current environmental crises and reconstruct public understanding of them. Duke Press. Available October 2022. Taking preorders.

Field Guide to a Hyrbrid Landscape is an upcoming monograph of photography by Dana Fritz focused on the hand-planted Nebraska National Forest, Nebraska Press. January 2023. Taking pre-orders now.

Crystal Clear || Western Waters is an upcoming monograph of photography by Sant Khalsa focused on the commodification of water and retail water stores throughout the Southwestern U.S., Minor Matters Books, December 2022. Taking pre-orders now.

both/and is guest edited by Perdita Phillips, including primarily on Australian artists focused on the role of complicity in social-ecological systems, Quarterly 36 is published by the Center For Sustainable Practices in the Arts. Available now in print or digital format.

ecoartspace has served as a platform for artists addressing environmental issues since 1999. In 2020, we transitioned to a membership model. Members include artists, scientists, professionals, students, and advocates sharing resources and supporting each other's work. This is an inclusive, non-competitive collaborative environment where we can imagine and make real a healthy, equitable, resilient future.

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