How's everyone doing? I hope you were able to take some time away from the computer in July. The slower pace seems essential for the work that ecological artists are about. We are being called to exercise new forms of engagement.

The inaugural monthly TREE TALK Dialogue in July included five members presenting their work in a range of media: painting, photography, mixed-media, printmaking and sound installation. TREE TALK on August 27 will focus on Joshua trees. See below.

Two additional ZOOM Dialogues will be presented in August: Sunday, August 9, paying tribute to the 75th Anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and Monday, August 30, discussing the environmental inequalities responsible for high death rates of indigenous people living on tribal lands due to Covid-19. See below.

Galleries and museums are slowly opening and we're seeing more exhibitions that include members. Please make sure to post your announcements on the ecoartspace members Facebook page or email your news to us and we'll add it to our newsletters.

$2,400 has been gifted to membership fees in 2020, approximately 40 artists. 

We now have 305 members and 194 subscribers! Seven months into this new platform, and it's evident that we'll need to solicit donations as well. ecoartspace will eventually become a nonprofit again in order to apply for grants. Until then, through the end of this year our goal is to raise an additional $3,000 to go towards adding new members who are financially impacted by the pandemic. We are currently at $615

Beyond our current membership goals, I will also be working to raise $36,000 for 2021 to fund a part-time administrator, jurors and expenses related to our annual exhibition, as well as artist honorariums and scholarships.

If you can, please consider making a donation any size.

And, help spread the word, all memberships half price through 2020!

Patricia Watts, founder



atomic dialogues

Sunday, August 9, 2020 - 11am MDT

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ecoartspace and Remembering Hiroshima, Imagining Peace (RHIP) will present both artistic and scientific dialogues on our atomic legacies. Since that fateful day when the first nuclear bombs were used on a civilian population, artists have responded through a wide range of media. Patricia Watts, founder of ecoartspace, will begin the program with an overview of artists and artworks addressing nuclear issues. Ann Rosenthal, artist and RHIP board member, will present Infinity City, her decade-long collaboration with Stephen Moore, which explores living in the shadow of the bomb. Patricia DeMarco, PhD, has a doctorate in biology and has spent a 30-year career in energy and environmental policy. Etsuko Ichikawa is an artist, filmmaker, and activist who was born and raised in Tokyo.

This event is FREE to members and one guest. Non-members are invited to make a suggested donation of $10.

Above: Ann Rosenthal, Infinity City 2001: Plutonium, March 28, 1941, digital collage, 2001; and Etsuko Ichkawa, Vitrified (film still) 2018.


tree talk: artists speak for trees

Thursday, August 27 - 11AM MDT

The beauty and mystery of trees has long been a subject for artists, and more recently, concern for the survival of forests (the lungs of our planet) has been paramount. Each month, artists working in a diversity of media will share their artworks and ideas about this most essential and extraordinary living being.

TREE TALK, a monthly ZOOM dialogue, is moderated by Sant Khalsa, ecofeminist artist and activist, whose work has focused on critical environmental and societal issues including forests and watersheds for four decades.

Did you miss TREE TALK on July 29? Watch it here on Facebook.

Co-sponsored by Joshua Tree Center for Photographic Arts

This is a FREE EVENT for members + one guest. The general public will pay $10. You will need to register to attend. An event invitation will be sent to you shortly

Above: Juniper Harrower, Low Elevation Joshua Trees and Soil Fungi, 2019, multimedia painting 

chip thomas 

August 31, 2020 - 11AM MDT

Details for this fundraiser event are still being worked out. Attendees will be asked to contribute $10.00. Confirmed is Chip Thomas aka “jetsonorama” a photographer, public artist, and physician who has been working between Monument Valley and The Grand Canyon in the Dinétah (Navajo) Reservation for the last 28 years.

Registration fees will be donated to indigenous Covid-19 relief.

An event invitation will be sent to you shortly

Above: Chip Thomas, Mask: jini, 2020, photomural, Arizona

featured ecoartspace artist

abigail doan

"I accumulated visual imagery and site-specific materials not only relevant to my own experiences but also as inspiration for others to initiate their own investigations. I have always wanted the project to be about immersion and connectivity with one’s immediate environs particularly at a time when extreme climate events are making us increasingly anxious or unsure about our influences within the natural world." Check out Doan's recent interview on MOOWON HERE and her website HERE

Above: Abigail Doan, Walking Libraries AD | 2016-2020

member exhibitions

Aborescent, a national juried show regarding trees including ecoartspace member Nancy Gesimondo. Juried by ecoartspace member Lillian Ball. Alex Ferrone Gallery, Cutchogue, New York. Through August 23, 2020.

Helen Glazer: Walking in Antarctica, Nevada Museum of Art, Center for Art + Environment, Reno, Nevada. Through August 16, 2020. 

Open Air 2020, at Avery Point, University of Connecticut. This outdoor art exhibition includes ecoartspace members Eliza Evans, Patricia Miranda, and Stephanie Garon. Through September 30, 2020.

Yeah, What Lester Said, virtual art exhibition and symposia curated by ecoartspace member Leslie Sobel for the Detroit Center for Design + Technology. Through August 15, 2020.

Xavier Cortada: Miami Corona Project. Online conversations and pronouncements, an interactive socially engaged art project.

Now that galleries/museums/sculpture parks are opening up, please email information to to be included in the newsletter.

Above: Xavier Cortada, Miami Pronouncements (March 26 – June 15, 2020): 826 Deaths in Miami-Dade, 2020

about ecoartspace: Conceived in 1997 by Patricia Watts, in 1999, Watts partnered with Amy Lipton to create a nonprofit platform for artists addressing environmental issues. Together they have curated over 60 art and nature exhibitions, have organized and participated on dozens of panel discussions, and have given over 50 lectures, nationally and internationally. Since 2010, Watts has created Action Guides of replicable social practice artworks and has conducted video interviews with over twenty-five pioneering ecological artists. In 2020, Watts decided to transform ecoartspace into an LLC membership platform.

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