march madness, an early spring

Lots going on this month in preparation for the total solar eclipse on April 8. We are still receiving works from our members for the Transmissions event and online exhibition + printed zines. Do check out the interview on our blog with Krista Leigh Steinke and Erika Blumenfeld discussing their work that will be included at the Austin, Texas event on April 6 at Canopy.

Printed copies of The New Geologic Epoch book are expected to arrive next week, and will be ready to ship by mid-March. We are still taking pre-orders! The updated edition is viewable on ISSUU, which you can view here.

For our monthly Zoom Dialogues in March we will hold the fifth Geologic Dialogues with artists who make work with sound and video. And, through June we will hold Sound Dialogues and Soil Dialogues for our members.

There's also news of a truly low impact ecological art event happening in Australia for World Environment Day on June 5, initiated by our Australian Dialogues. All members can participate from their home ground.

And finally, a BIG Welcome to our new members for 2024, almost 100 of you so far!

Patricia Watts, founder

Header image: ©Erika Blumenfeld, Midnight Twilight (Antarctica), 2009/2015, chromogenic print mounted on aluminum with lamination film, 25 panels 16 x 16 inches each, approximately 90 x 90 inches installed. Courtesy of the artist and Inman Gallery.

NEW  We've added a new page on our website! In the Menu Bar under Store, we now have Members Books, which is a public library of books by and about our members and their work. We will be adding books monthly, so check back often.

online event

Geologic Dialogues

Part V - Sound & Video

Thursday, March 14

United States: 10am HST, Noon PST, 2pm MST, 3pm CST, 4pm EST

Europe: 20:00 GMT  Australia: Friday, March 15, 7am AEDT

For our fourth, in a series of monthly dialogues organized around our recently launched online exhibition + upcoming printed book The New Geologic Epoch, we bring together artists whose practice includes video, film and sound.

           Presenters: Samantha Lang, Tom Hansel, Cheryl Leonard, Walmeri Robeiro

This event is free for members + one guest. Non-members are $5.

All participants MUST REGISTER.




Bonnie Ora Sherk: Life Frames Since 1970, Closing Weekend Symposium

Saturday, March 9, 2024, 12:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Gateway Pavilion at Pier 2
Free Admission
(Please reserve space)

Bonnie Ora Sherk: Life Frames Since 1970 will conclude with a symposium featuring discussions surrounding Sherk’s relationship to landscape, expanding forms, pedagogy, artist-led spaces, and communities around The Farm. The event culminates with a reception launching the publication for the exhibition. Patricia Watts, founder of ecoartspace, has included an essay in the book and will present on the Gardens of Knowledge panel at 1pm to discuss artists working as eco educators from 1990-2010.

Catalog $40.00 BUY NOW  (pre-order, shipping after March 10, 2024)

Saturday, April 6, 11am to 8pm CST

at Canopy in Austin, Texas

We are planning a full day of programs for our total eclipse event with meditations, speakers, a play, workshops, and more!

Follow updates  HERE!

Australian Dialogues

Place-based interventions in three time zones

for United Nations, World Environment Day, 5 June, 2024

Follow updates HERE!

blog post

Bright Horizons from Celestial Views: Krista Leigh Steinke and Erika Blumenfeld on the upcoming Transmissions event in Austin, Texas and the total solar eclipse, an interview by Olivia Ann Carye Hallstein

featured ecoartspace artist

heather bird harris

Terra Firma (Pre-Ida) is an abstracted aerial view of coastal Louisiana where the Mississippi River enters the Gulf of Mexico, based on maps of walkable land from 2011 and 2019. Louisiana is still collectively imagined to be in the shape of a boot, an image that is kept alive through state logos, highway signs, and most Louisiana textbooks in schools. The reality is that the state lost 1,900 square miles of land between 1932 and 2000 and is still losing a football field of land every hour.


The New Geologic Epoch

Online exhibition and printed book

The New Geologic Epoch, juried by Mary Mattingly presents works by over seventy of our members from Scotland, Ireland, England, Sweden, Portugal, Brazil, Australia, Canada and the US, whose work focuses on the shifting baselines in the landscape, which over time have become the new normal.

                 Printing now, shipping mid March 2024

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The Future of Nature is a feature article on the photo-based dioramas influenced by Scanning Electron Microscopy by Marcie Beglieter, in New Visionary magazine, Issue #9, 2024. Above

A Place of Creation is a new book published by Lucid Art Foundation that documents the residencies of artists and scholars since 2005, led by Fariba Bogzaran, in Inverness, California, including Alicia Escott, Barry Underwood, Stephanie Garon

Kinship: The Art of Connection is the WEAD magazine Issue No. 14, presented by founding editor Susan Leibovitz Steinman. Online

Environmental Justice Artivist Fellowship 2024 was awarded to Stephanie Garon, by Social Art and Culture, in collaboration with Arts Program, The Aspen Institute.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering & Medicine honored Xavier Cortada with the prestigious Excellence in Science Communications Award ($20,000 Prize) in Washington D.C., January 2024. 

While The Stars Look Down is a feature on photo-based artist Fred Brashear Jr., Dodho Magazine online. Issue 27, December 2023.

Solarities: Elemental Encounters and Refractions is a new book on solarity with cover art by Krista Leigh Steinke, published by Punctum Books. Released November 22, 2023. Free to download

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