It's rare to get snow along the Pacific Ocean in the United States, especially down into Southern California, as we did last week. With the Pacific Jet Stream bringing tropical moisture all the way from Indonesia, La Niña is offering gifts of atmospheric rivers and coastal snow, along with flooding and erosion. Our changing climate is one of more frequent extremes.

This month we will hold six Zoom events, including our ongoing Soil, Plastic and Water Dialogues, which we are opening back up to members who have checked these topics in their profile. We will also, as we did last year have participants from the Sustain(ability) & the Art Studio present their projects, and another entrepreneurial presentation of an artist who is Turning Mining Pollution into Pigments, as well as our more recent monthly Sound Dialogues exploring modernity for members and guest. see below

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Patricia Watts, founder

Image: ©Robert Dash, coastal snow at the Salmon River on the Pacific Coast in Oregon, February 26, 2023, where the artist has been in residence for the month of February at Sitka Art & Ecology Center.

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online event

John Sabraw: Turning Mining Pollution into Pigments

Thursday, March 23

United States: 10am PDT, 11am MDT, 12pm CDT, 1pm EDT

Europe: 18:00 GMT

In this Zoom we will hear from artist and professor John Sabraw who will share the process and recipes for creating paint and paintings from sustainably sourced iron oxide extracted in the process of remediating streams polluted from coal mines. A full scale treatment plant utilizing this innovative remediation process will be completed in 2025; cleaning over 1 million gallons of pollution and producing 6,000 lbs of pigment every day, all while restoring miles of streams to aquatic health.

Members and one guest are free. General Public can attend for $10. All participants MUST REGISTER.


blog post

Retracing the Paths of the Planet: Katrina Bello’s process, reflections, and intimacy with the world through drawing, interview by Olivia Ann Carye Hallstein

featured ecoartspace artist

emily joy

Land Earth Empathy is an ongoing body of work and research, part funded by the Arts Council England and supported by mentors anthropologist Dr. Elizabeth Hodson, culturemaker/Dark mountain co-founder Dougald Hine and glaciologist Jürg Alean. The work explores parallels of personal and ecological loss, through public participatory collaborations such as ‘Unmaking the Glacier.’ Participants were invited to take part in pulling out threads of a piece of linen printed with an image of the Morteratsch Glacier. Whilst engaged in a simple task, conversations meandered and edged around deeper subjects of climate change and loss.


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Repositories is now at the printers and will be available for shipping mid-April. There's a total of 152 pages with 80 full color images, and 11 unique maps locating the rivers and communities that Irland has engaged. The book is designed by artist Graeme Walker, who regularly contributes his work to the Dark Mountain Project in the UK; printed by Point B Solutions in Minneapolis using Forest Stewardship Council, FSC certified papers; hard laminated cover with Smyth sewn signatures and case binding, all features designed for durability so you can take this book with you to the river.

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Trees, Humanity, and Reaching for the Light is an article on the photographs of David Paul Bayles for Means and Matters magazine. February 14, 2023. Above

Changing Climate is the thematic for the Santa Fe Art Institute residency program in New Mexico for 2023, including selected artists Kaitlin Bryson, Saskia Jordan, Margaret LeJeune, Judy Natal, Paula Castillo, Dawn Roe, and Esha Chiocchio.

Last Stand is a photograph by David Ellingsen, on the cover of the recently released expanded version of the book A Forest Journey: The Role of Trees in the Fate of Civilzation by John Perlin, published by Patagonia Books, USA.

Art as Social Practice: Technologies for Change was an exhibition and recently published book including essays Valises for Camp Ground by Kim Abeles, Pandemic Makeover by Beverly Naidus, and Bio-Digital Pathways by Cesar & Lois, published by Routledge Press. March 15, 2023. 370 Pages

River Culture: Life as a dance to the rhythm of the waters is a new book released in January by UNESCO presenting an analysis of the biological and cultural diversities of rivers worldwide, including a substantial chapter by Basia Irland titled Rivers, An Artist's Perspective. Free download online.

Confluence is an exhibition of works by Algae Society Members including Gene Felice, Juniper Harrower and Jennifer Parker, presented at the Cameron Art Museum, North Carolina in Spring 2022. The exhibition is available to travel.

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