the billboards are up!

We are excited to announce that eleven I AM WATER billboards are going up this week in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We actually managed to raise the funds to place our top six boards announced last month, along with twelve additional boards from our forty finalists who were also top rated and some that raised money independently. We will be placing another six boards in Massachusetts in September, where they're currently experiencing drought conditions. All combined there will be 19 billboards, including another board that went up in Slovenia recently! see below

Last month, we had 159 participants register for the Venice Biennale Eco-Art Review Zoom event! Over 100 attendees were listening in through the entire first hour. The recording is available to our members on our website and for non-members who paid.

The Members Call for Artists Earthkeepers Handbook was recently launched and we're starting to receive contributions of remedies and recipes, how-to directions and manifestos. Members Kim Abeles and Whitefeather Hunter will review the soon-to-be not-so-secret recipes. If you would like to participate, become a member! see below

Stay cool and be sure to take a break from it all this month to recharge.

Patricia Watts, founder

Header Image: ©Karen Hackenberg, Amphorae ca. 2010-2011, oil on canvas, 24 x 48 inches; ©Carolyn Monastra, Woman Clearing Plastic Bags, Nairobi River, Kenya, 2012, archival pigment print, 22 x 17 inches; © Alexander Heilner, Coachella Canal, 2019, Archival digital print; ©Sant Khalsa, Western Waters, 2022, photographs; ©Tammy West, Wishful Flow, 2021, Blue fabric, 50 x 20 meters; ©Brad Temkin, Penstock - Jawbone Canyon, CA 2022, photograph; ©Patti Trimble, Woman in Sea, 2022, Oil on linen , 37 x 48 inches; ©EJ McAdams , DROUGHT, 2022, digital, 22 x 11 feet; ©Marietta Patricia Leis, Eventide, 2022, Photo on Lucite; ©Robin Lasser & Marguerite Perret, Horseshoe Lake Bird Tent, 2022, digital image;  ©David Cass, Where Once the Waters, Rhea, 2020–2022, typed letter on found paper, crop of a tall A4 format page.

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I AM WATER billboards

Last month we announced the top six billboard images, although this month we will see eleven boards go up in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York. As the boards are installed we will reveal their locations on our website under Exhibits in the menu bar and will also post this information on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The eleven boards in New York, are:

Karen Hackenberg (Washington), Carolyn Monastra (New York), Alexander Heilner (Maryland), Sant Khalsa (California), Tammy West (Texas), Brad Tempkin (Illinois), Patti Trimble (California), E.J. McAdams (New York), Marietta Patricia Leis (New Mexico), Robin Lasser and Marguerite Perret (California and Kansas), and David Cass (Greece)

And, Our Humanity Matters installed a board in Solvenia, Bart Woodstrup (Ohio) above.

Next month we will reveal an additional six billboards going up in Massachusetts.

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13 more Pre-Orders to go to print!

The Earthkeepers Handbook: recipes and remedies for healing the land and ourselves

CALL FOR MEMBERS ONLY invitation for The Earthkeepers Handbook!

This fall 2022, we will assemble an ecoartspace "Members Handbook" for healing the land and ourselves. Get your favorite recipes ready for making art materials, concoctions, spells, foods, and remedies. You can even submit a manifesto aka Mierle Ukeles, or directions on how to develop special skills. The objective is to share your knowledge and help make the world a better place.

Earthkeepers Handbook is inspired by the art as life guide Crafts, Cookery and Country Living, published in 1976, which was a handwritten homesteading book by Kim Abeles. Original pages (pictured above) were revived from Abeles' archives in 2010, to be included in the exhibition MAKE:CRAFT, curated by Patricia Watts, at the Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles.



featured ecoartspace artist

derick melander

Derick Melander creates clothing sculptures that explore the intersection between global consumerism and the intimate relationship we have with what we wear. He sorts second-hand clothing by hue, color, value, or intensity and arranges them to create patterns and gradients carefully folded and stacked into geometric sculptures. These clothing sculptures often take the form of columns, walls, and enclosures, typically weighing between eight hundred pounds and two tons. @derickmelander


Diving in Chaos: The Autobiograph of an Idea by Aviva Rahmani, tells her story through the unique lens of her trigger point theory, linking the damage that has been done to the environment to her own experiences as a woman. She details the history that led to two seminal projects: Ghost Nets, restoring a coastal town dump to flourishing wetlands, and The Blued Trees Symphony, which applied a novel legal theory to challenge natural gas pipelines about land use. Divining Chaos reveals the intimate experiences that shaped Rahmani’s life work. Her discussion of trigger point theory argues that we can predict, confront, and determine outcomes to today’s ecological challenges.

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