8 days to totality in North America

Eclipse week is finally here! Over sixty members have contributed works to Transmissions, the online exhibition + printed zines, and pop-up event in Austin, Texas. Most of the works are now viewable under Exhibits in the menu bar on our website. see below

This year in order to develop a compendium of artists, scientists, designers, architects and writers for our 2025 online interactive + printed book, we have launched a call titled SOILS TURN. This will give us a full year to create the ultimate soil practitioners directory. The aim is to be inclusive for all who apply, so we invite you to share your work reimagining soils. see below

Printed copies of The New Geologic Epoch will arrive in April (apologies, paper problems) and will be shipped to four continents. This is an absolutely gorgeous book with incredible artworks and thoughtful text. We are still taking pre-orders and will do a second printing. Check out the updated digital interactive edition here.

For our monthly Zoom Dialogues in April we will hold the sixth Geologic Dialogues with artists who make time-based and performative works. see below

As we pass through a short period of darkness in the middle of the day next week, let's be present with the fact that we humans and our non-human relatives are a part of a larger cosmic system that supports life here on Turtle Island.

Patricia Watts, founder

Header image: ©Atlas Obscura eclipse gif

online event

Geologic Dialogues

Part VI - Time-based / Performative

Thursday, April  18

United States: 10am HDT, Noon PDT, 2pm MDT, 3pm CDT, 4pm EDT

Europe: 20:00 GMT  Australia: Friday, March 15, 7am AEDT

For our sixth, in a series of monthly dialogues organized around our 2023 online exhibition + upcoming printed book The New Geologic Epoch, we bring together artists whose practice includes performative, narrative, time-based works.

           Presenters: Roberta Trentin, Erin Wiersma, Nitin Mukul, Mia Mulvey

Recording for the March 14 Sound/Video Geologic Dialogue

This event is free for members + one guest. Non-members are $5.

All participants MUST REGISTER.


call for members



DEADLINE May 18, 2024

"…human beings are not in a separate compost pile. We are humus, not Homo, not anthropos; we are compost, not posthuman." Donna Haraway

Haraway’s call to reimagine human as humus reflects a recent 'soils turn' in the social sciences, humanities and arts that seeks to diversify mainstream soil knowledge and empower people to reconnect with soils. Heeding this call, SOILS TURN will be the 2025 ecoartspace annual online interactive + printed book, which will be realized as a compendium and directory of artists, scientists, designers, architects and writers who engage with soils. 

Image: Helen & Newton Harrison, Making Earth Again, 1990, glass, cork, dirt, 6 5/8 x 1 3/8 in.


in-person events

Saturday, April 6, 11am to 7pm CDT

at Canopy in Austin, Texas

Join us in Austin, where there will be a full day of programs for our total eclipse event with meditations, book signing, interactive play, light work demonstration, cosmos cinema and panel discussion, and more! Or, you can follow along on our website to view works submitted by our members for the online exhibition, soon to be printed zines.

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Australian Dialogues

Place-based interventions in three time zones

for United Nations, World Environment Day, 5 June, 2024

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blog post

Breath Air that Breaths Back: Visiting Lucia Monge's "Mientras Una Hojo Resira / While a Leaf Breaths," an exhibition review by Olivia Ann Carye Hallstein

featured ecoartspace artist

samantha passaniti

"All the materials I have use are ecological and of natural origin collected personally from the environment, or recycled materials of various types. In addition to the aesthetic aspect it presents, I see the material as significant, that is, as a vehicle of other meanings, of analogies and dialogue between me and the things of nature in which I see often spiritual and existential values ​​that I try to communicate in a more or less explicit. The natural materials that I have collected to date are mostly organic (wood, plants, leaves, branches, etc.) and inorganic (minerals, earth, clays, etc.) materials linked to certain specific places." samanthapassanitiartstudio.wordpress.com


The New Geologic Epoch

Online exhibition and printed book

The New Geologic Epoch, juried by Mary Mattingly presents works by over seventy of our members from Scotland, Ireland, England, Sweden, Portugal, Brazil, Australia, Canada and the US, whose work focuses on the shifting baselines in the landscape, which over time have become the new normal.

                 Now taking pre-orders for a second printing

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Lithium and the New Green Extractionism is the recent dispatch by Kim Stringfellow for The Mojave Project. March 2024. Above

Food Planet Future: The Art of Turning Food and Climate Perils Into Possibilities is a recently launched book of photography which draws upon art, research, and innovative practices to reimagine the tangled crises of food security by Robert Dash, published by Papadakis Publisher (UK). March 20, 2024. 

TREELINE is an online quarterly newsletter with a feature article on the National Climate Assessment with images of works by Meredith Nemirov, and Tammy West, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Portland, Oregon. April - June 2024.

Metabolic Studio: A Monumental Scale of Repair is an interview with Lauren Bon about her art practice to shift consciousness and archive large-scale transformation for Koozarch online magazine. March 18. 2024.

Inside the Mind of Environmental Artist Steven Siegel is a public television interview feature on his works made in and with nature, and plastics, exploring deep time. Season 9, Episode 15. Aired March 13, 2024.

UnderFOOT is a recently released film by Nien Schwarz about a group of artists from Western Australia and Tasmania working together since 2016, across the visual arts, crafts, writing and film including Perdita Philips, and Annette Nykiel. March 2024

Solarities: Elemental Encounters and Refractions is a new book on solarity with cover art by Krista Leigh Steinke, published by Punctum Books. Released November 22, 2023. Free to download

ecoartspace has served as a platform for artists addressing environmental issues since 1999. In 2020, we transitioned to a membership model. Members include artists, scientists, professionals, students, and advocates sharing resources and supporting each other's work. This is an inclusive, non-competitive collaborative environment where we can imagine and make real a healthy, equitable, resilient future.


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