Terrifying weather, Business as usual

Over 100 people died when a tropical island town in the Pacific Ocean, historically a wetlands, burned to the ground from wildfire; 20,000 residents near the Arctic Circle were evacuated due to extreme fire risk; a US Pacific Megalopolis received its first ever tropical storm warning with record breaking rainfall and flooding; and the largest wildfire ever in Europe, all in one month! Two years ago scientists officially named a phenomena that's been happening for at least a decade: flash droughts, where humidity evaporates in a matter of days. For people born before 1995, weather is simply unrecognizable. I think it's safe to say "extreme weather is the new norm."

Despite the scary insanity of our ecological situation, we will happily launch Some Kind of Nature in Santa Fe. The New Geologic Epoch 2023 online exhibition + printed book continues in the design phase and will launch in October. As Above, So Below the second pop-up in Santa Fe, will open in November. see below

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Patricia Watts, founder

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Some Kind of Nature

September 2 - 23, 2023

FOMA, pop-up gallery at 333 Guadalupe Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico

As we proceed into the Anthropocene, with human impacts being the dominant force of our changing climate, Some Kind of Nature presents an important opportunity for the harder conversations to happen in a tourist driven art market environment.

Artists include: Moira Bateman, Joan Baron, David Cass, Shirley Crow, Rosalyn Driscoll, Jeanne Dunn, Kelly Eckel, Holly Fay, Bia Gayotto, Karen Hackenberg, Perri Lynch Howard, Stacy Levy, Nancy Macko, Aline Mare, Claire McConaughy, Anna Mein, Mary Meyer, Meredith Nemirov, Lil Olive, Erika Osborne, Catherine Ruane, and Beth Ames Swartz.

Image: ©Bia Gayotto, Uprooted (Moonraker #1), 2023 click for more information

The New Geologic Epoch

Launching online October 1

The New Geologic Epoch, juried by Mary Mattingly, presents works that focus on the shifting baselines, which over time have become the new normal.

Artists include: Luciana Abait, Mary Babcock, SE Bachinger, Katrina Bello, Barbara Boissevain, Lauren Bon + Metabolic Studio, Kellie Bornhoft, Regina Bos, Emily Budd, E Tyler Burton, Renata Buziak, Arminee Chahbazian, Julianne Clark, Kyra Clegg, Valerie Constantino, Betsy Damon, Lauren Davies, Dennis DeHart, Eliza Evans, Stephanie Garon, PlantBot Genetics, DesChene+Schmuki, Bill Gilbert, Lawrence Gipe, Helen Glazer, Kim V. Goldsmith, Rachel Guardiola, Tom Hansell, Robert Haskell, Alexander Heilner, Harriet Hellman, Jessica Houston, Nikki Lindt, Sarah Kanouse, Sant Khalsa, Samantha Lang, Cheryl Leonard, Bonnie Levinthal, Christopher Lin, Jason Lindsey, Malin Lobell, Art of Biomass, Rosalind Lowry, Sara Mast, Nitin Mukul, Mia Mulvey, Annette Nykiel, Carol Padberg, Marguerite Perret, Alan Petersen, Perdita Phillips, Susana Soares Pinto, Jill Price, Walmeri Ribeiro, Linda-Marlena Ross, Meridel Rubenstein, John Sabraw, Zoe Sadokiersk, Ashley Saldana, Aindreas Scholz, Sue Spaid, Anne-Katrin Spiess, Kala Stein, Lawrence Stevens, Rainey Straus, Scott Sutton, Monika Tobel, Roberta Trentin, Peggy Weil, Ryland West, Erin Wiersma, Anne Yoncha, Laura Ahola-Young

Image: ©Sant Khalsa, Salt Water 3, 2013, photograph click for more information

As Above, So Below

November 1 - 18, 2023

The exhibition takes the phrase As Above, So Below, as its point of departure, a paraphrase of the second verse of the Emerald Tablet. This phrase was often used by occultists such as Madame Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society, and included interpretations that suggested correspondences between the macrocosm and microcosm. These different planes of existence included illusions, some half-real, of minerals, plants, animals and humans.

Artists include: SE Bachinger, Kaya & Blank, Christine Cassano, Paula Castillo, Esha Chiocchio, Hayden Lilly Daiber, Jimmy Fike, Stephen Galloway, Bia Gayotto, Alexander Heilner, Katie Kehoe, Andrea Pinheiro, Linda-Marlena Ross, Meridel Rubenstein, Amy Scofield, Martina Shenal, Adam Thorman, Terri Warpinski

image: ©Esha Chiocchio, Playa Drone 05273, 2021, 28 x 42 inches click for more information

blog post

Streams of Water, Songs of Honor: Tom Hansell's collaborative film process turns refuse into beauty, interview with Olivia Ann Carye Hallstein

featured ecoartspace artist

sarah christianson

"Since 2012, I have been documenting the legacy of oil booms and busts in my home state of North Dakota. My photographs bear witness to the transformation of its quiet agrarian landscape into an industrialized zone dotted with well sites, criss-crossed by pipelines, illuminated by natural gas flares, contaminated by oil and saltwater spills, and fracked beyond recognition. Everyone wants a piece of the action, including my family:  since the Bakken Boom began, we have been profiting from oil wells drilled on land my great-grandparents homesteaded in 1912. Although many other families are doing the same, I started this project to reconcile our involvement with the hidden costs of this prosperity."  www.sarahchristianson.com


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Through Ecological Art in Cities: exploring the potential for art to promote and advance nature-based solutions is Chapter 14, co-authored by Christopher Kennedy (lead), Ellie Irons and Patricia Watts, and 1 + 1 = 3: stories of imagination and the art of nature-based solutions is Chapter 15, co-authored by Robin Lasser, for the recently launched book Nature-Based Solutions for Cities. Free to download online. Above

Intervention and Interconnection: How Should Artists Work With(in) the Environment? is a essay by Natalie Hergert on the history of the separation of art and the natural world with interview excerpts with Patricia Watts, and work and quotes by Kaitlin Bryson. Southwest Contemporary, Vol. 8 - Medium + Support. Available September 1, online store.

Sap In Their Veins is a new book of portraits of loggers and the trees they fell taken by David Paul Bayles, Alder Ego Press. Releases September 15, 2023.

The Artful Mind features an interview with Lyn Horton, a culture magazine for Berkshire County, Western Massachusetts. September 2023, Pages 22-31. 

LAST is a book of poetry by E.J. McAdams with RIP Passenger Pigeon: After John James Audubon by Brandon Ballengee on the cover. Available September 1, 2023. Pre-order now

In the Trenches: Artists Encounter the Los Angles River, Part 1 is an essay by Lawrence Gipe, featuring work by Michelle Robinson, currently in Our River at Shatto Gallery, Art and Cake, Los Angeles, California. August 30, 2023.

The Beautiful and Disconcerting Climate Art of Luciana Abait: Visual investigations at the intersection of climate change and global migration is an arts & culture essay online for Truthdig. August 25, 2023.

Coffee and Culture is a podcast radio interview with Kathleen McCloud discussing her process for foraging and processing dyes and pigments to make her mixed media works, KTRC 103.7 FM, Santa Fe, New Mexico. August 19 & 20, 2023.

BBC Sounds: Inside Science podcast includes an interview with Jenny Kendler talking about her project "Tell it to the Birds" a sonic interactive transliteration presented in conjunction with Dear Earth, at Hayward Gallery, London, UK. June 22, 2023. Through September 2, 2023.

Rooted is a sonification of various tropical plants by Skooby Laposky on Bandcamp. June 2023.

Repurposing with a Purpose: New Orleans artist Hannah Chalew uses her work as a tool for change, is a feature article in Louisiana Life magazine, June 30, 2023.

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