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This month we will do a live broadcast on Zoom and Instagram from Brooklyn to explore the exhibition Bay Ridge Through An Ecological Lens at Stand4 Gallery. see below

An exciting opportunity developed last month for ecoartspace. We officially became a project of the New Mexico Foundation! We can now write grants and do fundraisers to facilitate a range of activities in the Land of Enchantment, including exhibitions, design and printing of catalogs, and grants/fellowships/residencies for our members.

This is year four as a membership platform and we're growing, and going strong. We've had over 1,200 artists join since 2020, with over 600 currently active. Please help spread the word that we are looking for donor/patron support.

With gratitude for all that our members do to express their concern for the planet!

Patricia Watts, founder


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online events

Bay Ridge Through An Ecological Lens - gallery walk through

Sunday, May 21

United States: 8am PDT, 9am MDT, 10am CDT, 11am EDT

Europe: 15:00 GMT

Bay Ridge Through an Ecological Lens is an interactive, public, community art exhibition featuring artists from the New York area including nature walks and community art interventions sited at locations throughout the Bay Ridge community. The exhibition is curated by Jennifer McGregor and hosted by Stand4 Gallery in Brooklyn, New York, in collaboration with ecoartspace.

Join us for a live walk through of the exhibition and hear from gallery director Jeannine Bardo, curator Jennifer McGregor, and artists Kate Dodd and Nikki Lindt. 

This event is open to the General Public for Free. All participants MUST REGISTER.


blog post

Art in a Wild, Isolated Space at the Montello Residency, Nevada is an interview with Stefan Hagen from the Montello Foundation and Kate James from Concord Art Association on the recent “This Earth” exhibition including members Mia Mulvey, Elisabeth Condon, Laurie Lambrecht, and Margaret Cogswell, interview by Olivia Ann Carye Hallstein

featured ecoartspace artist

lauren strohacker

In 2013, Strohacker realized she wanted more dynamic, moving images of wild animals. Thus, she began making large format public projection projects that have been exhibited internationally, visualizing loss through haunting, slow moving images of displaced wild lives. The eco-political artist has worked with wildlife rehabilitation centers, education institutions, and sanctuaries to collect animal footage, highlighting both the animals affected by and humans responding to interspecies conflict in urban and suburban space. The footage collected with the help of these organizations are edited to be slow-moving, soundless, ghost-like entities completely decontextualized from a natural environment in order to inhabit and confront the built environment in which they are projected.


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Ingram uses each fascinating example — an abandoned gas station lot on Chicago’s South Side, a hidden and channelized reach of the Bronx River, and stormwater basins in Fargo, North Dakota — to illustrate a variety of themes in environmental art and cultural geography. By attending to overlooked and disconnected spaces as containers for story and relationship, she offers insight into the consequences and meanings of deindustrialization, disinvestment, and neglect. By focusing on community collaborations that “reject the void” and create meaning in orphaned space, the book orients readers toward hope, action, and attention.

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2023 Guggenheim Fellows have been announced and include ecological artists Betsy Damon, Mary Mattingly, Ed Morris and Susannah Sayler, awarded by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. Above

12 New Mexico Artists to Know Now is the fifth annual "artists to know" who will be featured in an exhibition at 516Arts in Albuquerque in June, including Kaitlin Bryson and Ahní Rocheleau, Southwest Contemporary. April 27, 2023. 

Tracing Luminaries portfolios, gilded prints by Erika Blumenfeld have been acquired by the Harvard Astronomical Photographic Glass Plate Collection (Plate Stacks Collection), part of the John G. Wolbach Library of the Center for Astrophysics, Harvard Smithsonian. April 2023.

Earthly Surfacing includes Painting the anthropogenic landscape, a conversation with Diane Burko (p. 223), and Phytophiliac, a conversation with Frances Whitehead (p. 193), in Antennae, The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, Issue 60, Spring 2023. Free PDF download 

Sacred Biodiversity: An Artists's Unique Approach to Species Conservation was an interview with Angela Manno on NPR's All Things Considered, Connecticut Public Radio. April 20, 2023.

1y4e is a recently launched website or sharing hub, One Year For Earth, with useful information that acts as a bridge or gateway to learn, act, advocate and generally find options around living more sustainably, produced by Doug Fogelson. Free

Coffee and Culture radio interview with Meridel Rubenstein, talking about her wastewater garden project in Iraq, aired via FM 103.7 KTRC in Santa Fe, New Mexico. March 18, 2023.

Coffee and Culture radio interview with Paula Castillo, talking about her work Reverse the Curse in the exhibition Going With The Flow at SITE Santa Fe, aired via FM 103.7 KTRC in Santa Fe, New Mexico. April 1, 2023.

ecoartspace has served as a platform for artists addressing environmental issues since 1999. In 2020, we transitioned to a membership model. Members include artists, scientists, professionals, students, and advocates sharing resources and supporting each other's work. This is an inclusive, non-competitive collaborative environment where we can imagine and make real a healthy, equitable, resilient future.


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