Australian Dialogues World Environment Day, Soils Turn

This month we celebrate UN World Environment Day, a global event that happens each year on June 5, in partnership with our Australian Dialogues members. There will be a range of somatic and auditory events by ecological artists "down under." Links and an interactive map can be found on our website under Exhibits in the Menu bar. Check it out and consider participating! see below

Thank you to all who submitted works for the SOILS TURN book. We realize the call was short, and since extending the deadline to June 1, we still want to include more artists (currently almost 150). This book will be a comprehensive directory of soil artists that curators and soil scientists can reference to invite participation in exhibitions and collaborations. We are excited to include a wide range of contributors. We will be reaching out independently to those who should definitely be included.

For our monthly public Zoom Dialogues in June we are presenting the eighth Geologic Dialogues with artists who engage the human connection with land as poetic aesthetics. see below

As mentioned last month, we are preparing to launch an International call for eco-political works for our fall wheat-paste broadside campaign leading up to the US Presidential election. Works will be downloadable for all, for free! email mid-June 

A huge THANKS to participants of our Soil Dialogues, especially those who traveled to Italy to present their work last month at the IUSS Soil Congress in Florence; and, to those who sent their soil textiles for our pop-up exhibition. We connected with soil scientists, learned about a wide range of soil topics, and developed strategies for future soil textile displays.

To be continued . . . .

Patricia Watts, founder

online events

Geologic Dialogues through June 2024

Part VIIl - Writing / Sound / Documentation

Thursday, June 20

United States: 10am HDT, 1pm PDT, 2pm MDT, 3pm CDT, 4pm EDT

Europe: 21:00 GMT  Australia: Friday, May 17, 6:00am AEDT

The Geologic Dialogues series is organized around our recently launched annual online exhibition + printed book The New Geologic Epoch. For each event, member/artists included in the exhibition who are engaged with similar or complimentary mediums/topics, will present their work. For this eighth dialogue in June we will feature a range of artists who engage the human connection with land as poetic aesthetics.

Valerie Costantino, Bobby Haskell, Carol Padberg, Scott Sutton

Recording for the May 16  Geologic Dialogue

This event is free for members + one guest. Non-members are $5.

All participants MUST REGISTER.


in-person and online events

Australian Dialogues

Place-based interventions in three time zones

for United Nations, World Environment Day, 5 June, 2024

Australian based events are listed on our website, check them out and participate! Consider interacting with or collaborating with an Australian artist from anywhere in the world on this annual global day of ecological awareness.

World Environment Day Events - Australia

blog post

Soil Dialogues Report from Florence, Italy: Coming soon! by Patricia Watts

featured ecoartspace artist

cassandra tytler

Soiled is a series of artworks that incorporate video art with performance, speculative documentary practice, and sculptural assemblages. The artworks function as a series of ‘soil acts’ that foster understanding of the complex interrelationships between humans, soil, and dirt. It examines how social narratives of what is soiled and what is pure reinforce hierarchies of race, gender, and society. In this tapestry of soil relations, an evolving narrative is created, where time, place, politics, and bodies intertwine with the substance of the ground.


The New Geologic Epoch

Online exhibition and printed book

The New Geologic Epoch, juried by Mary Mattingly presents works by over seventy of our members from Scotland, Ireland, England, Sweden, Portugal, Brazil, Australia, Canada and the US, whose work focuses on the shifting baselines in the landscape, which over time have become the new normal.

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The Existential Toolkit for Climate Justice Educators: How to Teach in a Burning World is a recently published book including text by Sarah Kanouse, published by University of California Press. May 2024 (available in ebook) Above

The Creative Economy: Arts, Cultural Value and Society in Practice is a recent publication co-authored by Matilda Rose Bubb, published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group May 7, 2024.

Together Through Art is an interview with Felicia Young, founder of the annual Earth Celebrations procession in New York City on the Lower East Side each spring discussing how art can connect communities in meaningful ways. Interview conducted by Claude Schryer. May 12, 2024.

Mark Baugh Sasaki will be working with ocean researchers/scholars at
Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station, Monterey, California over the next six months, as part of the Woods Institute's 20th anniversary. This is the inaugural visiting artist program.

When the Trees Disappear, Who Will Cry for Them?
is an article published on the work of Karey Kessler and her map-paintings for Artists Up Close online. May 9, 2024  

Florida Artists Hall of Fame taps ecological artist Xavier Cortada for their 2024

Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World is now archived online, directed by Clive Adams for 25 years (1995-2020) in the UK.

TREELINE is an online quarterly newsletter with a feature article on the National Climate Assessment with images of works by Meredith Nemirov, and Tammy West, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Portland, Oregon. April - June 2024.

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