a new year, hitting the ground running

For the last four years our annual call for artists was launched in the spring with the online + printed book presented in the fall. Due to the presidential election here in the US this coming November, the annual show will be moved up. With the total solar eclipse happening in April, in North America, this year we will hold our annual show as a pop-up event in Austin, Texas, in the path of totality.

We will be sending out separate emails this week with more information on our annual show, as well as a residency in Nevada at Montello. These are member opportunities, so we hope you will consider joining us for 2024.

Important deadlines

Montello ecoartspace residency with bursary, Nevada  - Deadline January 21

Members CALL pop-up event+online exhibition+printed zines - Deadlines March 15 - April 15

For our monthly Zoom Dialogues we will hold the third Geologic Dialogues with artists who are focused on UN/making or Un-development. And for our members, over the next six months we will hold Sound Dialogues and Soil Dialogues. Plastics and Water Dialogues will pick up again in the fall.

A lot is happening the first half of the year, though do not not fear. There will be another Call for Artists this summer for the placement of billboards in the fall!

Patricia Watts, founder

Header image: Solar eclipse petroglyph, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Photo: J. McKim Malville, University of Colorado.



Geologic Dialogues

Part llI - UN/making, Un-development

Thursday, January 18

United States: 9am HST, 11am PST, Noon MST, 1pm CST, 2pm EST

Europe:17:00 GMT  Australia: Friday, January 19, 6am AEDT

For our third, in a series of monthly dialogues organized around our recently launched online exhibition + upcoming printed book The New Geologic Epoch, we bring together artists who are who are doing unmaking, un-development, monkeywrenching around land use, and speculative storytelling about post-industrial landscapes; durational and advocating projects. 

Janna Holmstedt & Malin Lobell (p)Art of Biomass, Jill Price, Lauren Bon + Metabolic Studio, and Eliza Evans.

This event is free for members + one guest. Non-members are $5.

All participants MUST REGISTER.




In Kinship With Nature

Through January 15

United Nations Headquarters - 405 East 45th Street, NY, NY 10017

Hours: M-F, 9am to 5pm EST (bring ID), corner of 45th and 1st

Re-Connections explores themes of environmental activism through artistic expression and features works from 26 artists addressing a range of concerns the world is facing due to climate change. The exhibition is meant to inspire visitors to take action and help to reverse the trend. Also online for the last year with additional artists, the exhibit was organized by Laziza Rakhimova, in collaboration with ecoartspace, and was by supported UNDP Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Program and UNEP.

M E M B E R S  I N C L U D E : Kim Abeles, Catherine Chalmers, Elizabeth Demaray, Tany Harnett, Betsy Kenyon, Christopher Lin, David Maisel, Lenore Malen, Mary Mattingly, Bebonkwe / Jude Norris, Laziza Rakhimova,  Aurora Robson, Alexis Rockman, Tattfoo Tan, Marion Wilson

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The New Geologic Epoch

Online exhibition and upcoming printed book

The New Geologic Epoch, juried by Mary Mattingly, presents works by over seventy of our members from Scotland, Ireland, England, Sweden, Portugal, Brazil, Australia, Canada and the US, whose work focuses on the shifting baselines in the landscape, which over time have become the new normal.

We are currently at 68 Pre-orders, and need another 32 to go to print

©Arminée Chahbazian, Stone Tablets: Fragile Embrace, 2016, found stones inlaid into carved marble, 1 of 12 elements, floor installation, 52 x 38 x 2 inches; click image for more  info


blog post

Hearing Held and Nurtured Nature: Kim Goldsmith's Multi-Media Work is an interview with the Australian sound artist, by Olivia Ann Carye Hallstein

featured ecoartspace artist

naomi ben-shahar

"I am interested in interconnective connections, and enjoy mixing seemingly-separate concerns and formal traditions to recontextualize historical techniques, materials, and ways of viewing, yet with a specific vision which poses questions about technology and intimacy, environmentalism, and feminist identity. The use of slow art, domestic labor in cooking and weaving, and the forms of landscapes and bodies, connect the work with women throughout history and cultures. Each work presents a way to counter narratives of hegemonic masculinity, and the myth of separateness amidst people and between humans and nature. www.naomibenshahar.com


create naturally by marcia young

Go Outside and Rediscover Nature with 15 Makers presents personal stories of how nature inspires and enhances creativity. The artists walk readers through the importance of creating work that taps into a mind, body, and spirit connection. The makers include member Nicole Dextras. Member Marcia Young has been making or writing about art and fine craft for over 30 years. She is the founder of the Fiber Art Network and former publisher of Fiber Art Now magazine.

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Littoral is a sonic love letter to the Northern California Coast by Cheryl E. Leonard featuring sounds produced by invertebrates in a pile of kelp wrack together with kelp flute multiphonics, on Bandcamp. Included in The New Geologic Epoch. Launched December 15, 2023. Above

BIOcean5D project artist-in-residence Renata Padovan, gives a video report of her research expedition on a schooner taken from Galway to Bilbao, organized by Fondation Tara Océan. December 20, 2023.

These yard signs offer an inconvenient truth about sea level rise is a feature on The Underwater art campaign by Xavier Cortada, for The Washington Post, Climate Solutions. December 13, 2023.

500 Years was a unique olfactory performance by David Cass, including immersive sight, sound and scent, imagining sea-level rise across five centuries, at The Great Room, at Christie's, London, UK. December 4, 2023. Excerpt recording

Repetition & Endurance: A Conversation with Mary Mattingly was recently published in Volume 42, Number 6, Sculpture magazine, November/December 2023. 

Solarities: Elemental Encounters and Refractions is a new book on solarity with cover art by Krista Leigh Steinke, published by Punctum Books. Released November 22, 2023. Free to download

The Work of Art in the Age of Planetary Destruction is a new book including works by Mary Mattingly, Aviva Rahmani, Jenny Kendler, Stacy Levy and Lucia Monge, recently published by CUSSH with funding by Wellcome, London. Viewable on ISSUU

ANTARKTIKOS: Light and Shadow #2 is the second annual journal and print magazine including work by collaborators Diana Scarborough and Nigel Meredith, Jessica Houston, and Kirsten Carlson, combining artistic and scientific exploration within the thought-provoking context of Antarctica. 2023-2024

Art × Climate is the first art gallery to be featured in the National Climate Assessment, of which nine of our members were selected to represent the 10 NCA regions, including Meredith Nemirov, Xavier Cortada, Tammy West, Casey Lance Brown, Diane Burko, Linda Gass, Taina Litwak, Jason Lindsay and Tali Weinberg.

Contemporary Practices in Bio-Art: When A Tree Becomes an Artwork is new book that connects the related fields of art and science, bio art, art and technology, and eco art, to “dendro-art” and shares the work of many practitioners including Amy Youngs and Ken Rinaldo. Published by Cambridge Scholars, August 2023.

ecoartspace has served as a platform for artists addressing environmental issues since 1999. In 2020, we transitioned to a membership model. Members include artists, scientists, professionals, students, and advocates sharing resources and supporting each other's work. This is an inclusive, non-competitive collaborative environment where we can imagine and make real a healthy, equitable, resilient future.


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