Three exhibitions & a course, this fall

This month's header image is an AI creation of an iceberg, similar to the one the Titanic struck before sinking. A highly symbolic image, suggesting tragedy, it begs the question: what role will art play in the near future? As more images become products of technology, how will this alter the practice of ecological art? Something to ponder at summer's end, and heading into a primary election year here the U.S. 

In one month, our inaugural pop-up in Santa Fe will open, titled Some Kind of Nature. Works selected by artist and curator Dominique Mazeaud, are by members based in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Washington, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Canada and Greece. see below

The New Geologic Epoch has entered the design phase for the 2023 online exhibition + printed book, launching October. For those who did not see the email last month with the list of artists selected by juror Mary Mattingly, see below.

Photographic works have also been selected for As Above, So Below. The pop-up will be presented in Santa Fe, in November, juried by Toby Jurovic, Director of the Barry Lopez Foundation for Art & Environment. see below

A big welcome to almost 40 new members in July! And, looking forward to presenting the work of almost 90 of our members this fall, both in-person and online.

Patricia Watts, founder

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Some Kind of Nature

September 2 - 23, 2023

FOMA, pop-up gallery at 333 Guadalupe Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico

As we proceed into the Anthropocene, with human impacts being the dominant force of our changing climate, Some Kind of Nature presents an important opportunity for the harder conversations to happen in a tourist driven art market environment.

Artists include: Moira Bateman, Joan Baron, David Cass, Shirley Crow, Rosalyn Driscoll, Jeanne Dunn, Kelly Eckel, Holly Fay, Bia Gayotto, Karen Hackenberg, Perri Lynch Howard, Stacy Levy, Nancy Macko, Aline Mare, Claire McConaughy, Anna Mein, Mary Meyer, Meredith Nemirov, Lil Olive, Erika Osborne, Catherine Ruane, and Beth Ames Swartz.

Image:©Lil Olive, Two Horses, 2023, acrylic and oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches, click for more information

The New Geologic Epoch

Launching online October 1

The New Geologic Epoch, juried by Mary Mattingly, presents works that focus on the shifting baselines, which over time have become the new normal.

Artists include: Luciana Abait, Mary Babcock, SE Bachinger, Katrina Bello, Barbara Boissevain, Lauren Bon + Metabolic Studio, Kellie Bornhoft, Regina Bos, Emily Budd
E Tyler Burton, Renata Buziak, Arminee Chahbazian, Julianne Clark, Kyra Clegg, Valerie Constantino, Betsy Damon, Lauren Davies, Dennis DeHart, Eliza Evans, Stephanie Garon, PlantBot Genetics, DesChene+Schmuki, Bill Gilbert, Lawrence Gipe, Helen Glazer, Kim V. Goldsmith, Rachel Guardiola, Tom Hansell, Robert Haskell, Alexander Heilner, Harriet Hellman, Jessica Houston, Nikki Lindt, Sarah Kanouse, Sant Khalsa, Samantha Lang, Cheryl Leonard, Bonnie Levinthal, Christopher Lin, Jason Lindsey, Malin Lobell, Art of Biomass, Rosalind Lowry, Sara Mast, Nitin Mukul, Mia Mulvey, Annette Nykiel, Carol Padberg, Marguerite Perret, Alan Petersen, Perdita Phillips, Susana Soares Pinto, Jill Price, Walmeri Ribeiro, Linda-Marlena Ross, Meridel Rubenstein, John Sabraw, Zoe Sadokiersk, Ashley Saldana, Aindreas Scholz, Sue Spaid, Anne-Katrin Spiess, Kala Stein, Lawrence Stevens, Rainey Straus, Scott Sutton
, Monika Tobel, Roberta Trentin, Peggy Weil, Ryland West, Erin Wiersma, Anne Yoncha, Laura Ahola-Young

Image:©Anne-Katrin Spiess, Great Toxic Lake, 2022, digital video, 2:36 mins, click for more information

As Above, So Below

November 1 - 18, 2023

The exhibition takes the phrase As Above, So Below as its point of departure, a paraphrase of the second verse of the Emerald Tablet. This phrase was often used by occultists such as Madame Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society, and included interpretations that suggested correspondences between the macrocosm and microcosm. These different planes of existence included illusions, some half-real, of minerals, plants, animals and humans.

Artists include: SE Bachinger, Kaya & Blank, Christine Cassano, Paula Castillo, Esha Chiocchio, Hayden Lilly Daiber, Jimmy Fike, Stephen Galloway, Bia Gayotto, Alexander Heilner, Katie Kehoe, Andrea Pinheiro, Linda-Marlena Ross, Meridel Rubenstein, Amy Scofield, Martina Shenal, Adam Thorman, Terri Warpinski

image:©Hayden Lilly Daiber, North Creek, 6/29/23, digital photography, 32 x17.5 inches

blog post

Mapping a Hopeful Future: Wendy Brawer's work bridging art and policy through her non-profit Green Map, interview with Olivia Ann Carye Hallstein

featured ecoartspace artist

claudia o'steen

Living Water is a collaborative, site-specific installation at Maajaam Farm for Art and Tech, Estonia. The bog landscape offers an enigmatic zone for exploration; it is a territory where the register between remote sensing data and ground truth is unusually slippery. A floating observation station is positioned in the shifting periphery between water and shoreline. The station uses scientific observational tools and methodologies such as a Secchi disk, cyanometer, and a Forel Ule Scale to document the shifting ecotone.


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Bellow Forth is the complex and expansive story of restoring soil health and environmental resiliency on wildfire-impacted lands and in communities in New Mexico, led by Kaitlin Bryson, with funding from AFTA AWA Environmental Art Grant 2022. Above

Artlands 2023 has invited Shani Nottingham and her Breadtag Project to participate in Canberra, on Ngunnawal and Ngambri Country in Australia.

River Warriors 2023 is a recently launched program to acknowlege River Warriors, including in July was Fredericka Foster, Stacy Levy, and Meridel Rubenstein, in addition to previously announced in June, Basia Irland and Mary Mattingly, designated by the Lewis Pugh Foundation.

LAST is a book of poetry by E.J. McAdams with RIP Passenger Pigeon: After John James Audubon by Brandon Ballengee on the cover. Available September 1, 2023. Pre-order now

Eco Exhibitions Won't Save Us is a review by Marv Recinto of the exhibition Dear Earth including Jenny Kendler, at the Hayward Gallery, London. July 18, 2023

(Re)Imagining Freshkills Park is a essay by Mierle Laderman Ukeles discussing her multi-year project to transform New York's largest landfill on Staten Island. MOMA magazine. July 14, 2023.

Trickle in Time: Mary Mattingly's Watery Manifesto for Collective Futures is a review in MOLD magazine of the artists' Water Clock at Socrates Sculpture Park, East River, New York City, July 10, 2023.

The Art of Listening: An Interview with Nikki Lindt, Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park. July 6, 2023

Artists React to the Legacy of Nevada Land Art in Modern Desert Markings, an online review of works of Jen Urso and Mark Brest van Kempen, Southwest Contemporary. June 30, 2023

Waterways: The Reconnaissance, Part One by James McElhinney, is an essay on his substack blog titled True Places. June 15, 2023.

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